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Maj. Burton D. Willis, Chemical Officer, Base Section 3 in Brisbane, would provide training for the 42nd Chemical Laboratory Company (formerly the 3d Chemical Field Laboratory). He held several courses in chemical warfare defense, using a classroom at the Queensland University. Colonel Copthorne dispatched Captain Burke to open a theater training school.  Captain Burke reported to the Brisbane Base Section 3 Headquarters on 12 July 1942 to establish a chemical warfare school for all American forces. Whilst it started as a Base Section training school it was in preparation to become a SWPA CWS School. The first 33 gas officer students were actually in training before the school was approved in August 1942. Whilst the third class of unit gas officers was in progress the school officially became a SWPA theatre activity as part of the Chemical Warfare Service Training Centre. The third class graduated in September 1942.

The Chemical Office of Base Section Three, US Army established its Chemical Warfare School located at 107 Windermere Rd., Hamilton, Brisbane, in south east Queensland in about July 1942. In October 1943, the Commandant of the school was Major W.O. Hanson. 107 Windermere Road is now a block of units called "Yarrum" which do not look old enough to have existed during WW2. Can anyone tell me what 107 Windermere Road comprised during WW2? I guess another possibility is that the Road has been renumbered.


Letter box for today's 107 Windermere Road. The
building in the background is 111 Windermere Road.


107 Windermere Road now appears to be the block of units
called "Yarrum" at the end of the tree lined driveway.


"Yarrum" with its resident Magpie bottom right


There was a Chemical Warfare School Annexe located at 60 Riverview Terrace, Hamilton, Brisbane which is just around the corner from 107 Windermere Road.


Chemical Warfare School Annexe located at 60 Riverview Terrace, Hamilton,


60 Riverview Terrace, Hamilton


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