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Group Captain C.C. Bell RAAF was appointed Deputy Controller of Far Eastern Liaison Office (FELO). He set up Camp Tasman at Indooroopilly in Brisbane where they created leaflet propaganda.

FELO was known as "Section D" of the Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB). It was the Military Propaganda Section of AIB.

Ian Caporn told me that Camp Tasman was located in the grounds of the Nudgee Junior College which is owned by the Christian Brothers. In 1969 the Brothers built Xavier Teachers College on the hill which has been since converted into Riverglenn Conference Centre. The Christian Brothers operate Xavier Support Centre in the Nudgee Junior College which still operates as a day school for primary boys. The 172nd Station Hospital (US) was also located at Nudgee Junior College at Indooroopilly during WW2.


Photo:- Via Linda Bullock

Nudgee Junior Primary School


When Ian  was camped there, one Priest was apparently still located at the school to act as a caretaker, although Ian or his mates never actually sighted the priest. The brothers and staff moved to Mt Tamborine. The school's boat, "The Gary Owen", was sunk during the Australian Army occupation. Xavier Teachers College would be most pleased to welcome back any members of the Army who worked at their school site during WW2 or who have stories or photos to share.

FELO's patrol boats would sail up the Brisbane River to the College when they had to do any work on them. Ian Caporn used to install radios in their patrol boats. They had the following patrol boats:-

45 foot work boats built by General Motors at Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne
46 foot Lars Halverson cruisers
64 Foot Lars Halverson cruisers
a 65 foot Harbour Defence Motor Launch (HDML)

The 45 foot work boats and the 46 foot cruisers had a single GM Grey Marine diesel engine and the 64 foot cruisers had three Grey Marine engines. The HDML boat was an American WW1 vintage boat with two American Liberty Aero engines. It was crewed by some English Royal Navy personnel who had picked up the boat in San Diego out of mothballs and sailed it across the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane. The dangerous Liberty engines were replaced as soon as possible with Grey Marine engines.

Private William James Oakes (N156847) served with FELO at Indooroopilly for a number of years. Private Oakes spent time at Port Moresby in 1944, and he served with 38 A Works Coy and FELO as well as Q GDD. Private Oakes often mentioned to his daughter Linda Bullock, his good friend, Robert (Bob) Campbell, who was one of their drivers. William Oakes passed away in June 2004.


The following black and white photos were provided to me by Ian Caporn

felo01.jpg (56256 bytes) View from the Camp huts at Camp Tasman looking towards the College buildings across the oval.
camptasman01.jpg (88416 bytes) Nudgee Junior Primary School in November 2002
camptasman02.jpg (169524 bytes) A panoramic photo of the school (facing south) and the playing fields with intersection of Witton Road and Kate Street to the right of the photo. Witton Road runs left to right across the bottom of the photo.
felo01a.jpg (82729 bytes) Close-up of the College
felo02.jpg (57272 bytes) Entrance to Camp Tasman via the road at the rear for the College. (possibly facing westwards)
felo02a.jpg (75153 bytes) Close-up of the house in the above photograph. Are they still there?

UPDATE 23 Nov 13:- Eldon Bryant contacted me to advise that the top house at 55 Jerrang Street, Indooroopilly is still standing and was built and completed in 1927 by his wife Roslyn's grandfather John William Roles (1882 - 1967).

felo03.jpg (81618 bytes) From the store landing looking towards the Officer's quarters.
felo04.jpg (86582 bytes) More of the huts at Camp Tasman. The store on the right. The steel hut on the left.
felo05.jpg (66611 bytes) More of the huts at Camp Tasman
felo06.jpg (53475 bytes) Lt. Jim Hodgekiss who was in charge of Camp Tasman.
felo07.jpg (69579 bytes) More of the huts at Camp Tasman. Bob in the hut doorway.
felo08.jpg (57603 bytes) View from the huts looking towards the Indooroopilly bridges
felo09.jpg (85183 bytes) The back road winding down to the main road from the back gate. Section of the river drive from bridge to camp.
felo10.jpg (81711 bytes) Looking to the right from the back gate of Camp Tasman.
felo11.jpg (49119 bytes) Indooroopilly Toll and rail bridges.
felo12.jpg (35976 bytes) View across the Brisbane River from the College.
felo13.jpg (55807 bytes) Indooroopilly Bridge
felo14.jpg (67928 bytes) Looking to the left from just outside the back gate to Camp Tasman
felo15.jpg (56424 bytes) Ian, Ron, Tom, Mac,& Bob. Members of FELO at Camp Tasman at Indooroopilly. Ian Caporn is sitting on the bonnet of the jeep wearing a singlet
felo17.jpg (70394 bytes) Members of FELO at "Goodrest" at 104 Toorak Road, South Yarra in Melbourne. Albert Klestadt is 3rd from the left, Dov Notkin, a Russian Engineer, is on the far right and Ian Caporn is 7th from the right.
felo18.jpg (135857 bytes) Close-up of the above photograph.



I'd like to thank Ian Caporn for his assistance with this home page. Ian was the signal Sergeant with Lt. Bob Cole in Far Eastern Liaison Office (FELO).

I'd also like to thank Bruce Caporn, son of Ian Caporn, for his assistance with this web page.

I'd like to thank Brother Jim Darcy who works at the Xavier Support Centre of the Christian Brothers for his assistance with this web page.

I'd like to thank Linda Bullock and Eldon Bryant for their assistance with this web page.


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