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Map:- 2/1 Aust. Army Topo Survey Coy., Mar '43
surveyed in Jan 1943 by 5 Aust. Field Survey Coy


Raglan Army Camp was located 4 miles from Raglan Railway Station. It is possible that Raglan Army Camp may have been another of the camps that got onto the Allied Works Council works list and stayed there even though the Army did not want it any more. Similar to the Chidlows Camps.

In July 1942 HQ 2 Aust Corps started to move to Gayndah where it would command 41 US Infantry Division at Rockhampton and 3 Infantry Division at Maryborough so a range of new camps would have been ordered prior to that time. Things heated up in New Guinea so the Corps HQ actually moved to Esk to replace HQ 1 Aust Corps and the Rockhampton area was handed over to US administration. Maybe Raglan did not fit into the US plans so the camp was never used. No Australian units has been listed at the location. The term Camp Raglan, which was used in some documents, is a US expression so maybe they did use it as a subsidiary camp for a short while.


Allied Works Council files show an entry as follows:-


Requisition No. 33 for 309 was received. This requisition covers additional expenditure incurred in connection with the provision of water supply at Raglan Camp, for which requisition for 2,000 was received on the 23rd March, 1942. The work was carried out by Smith and Hawtin.

WORKS DIRECTOR:  For necessary action.


Another entry in the Allied Works Council files is as follows:-


Requisition No. 48 for 887 covering excess expenditure on the drainage system and treatment plant at Raglan Camp was received. This is additional to an amount of 2,800 received on the 26th March, 1942, under requisition Qld. 3498/41-42 for this work, which has been completed.

WORKS DIRECTOR: For any necessary action.


On 4 July 1944, the Premier of Queensland Frank Cooper wrote to the Prime Minister advising that he had been advised by the Headquarters, Queensland Lines of Communication Area that Headquarters had three unoccupied camps situated at Raglan, Tiaro and Yeppoon and they had enquired whether they could be used for any civilian requirements. The Premier advised that he was approaching all State Departments for them to consider the possibility of using these camps. He went on to request that particulars of any further properties that became available be passed on to the Queensland Government.

On 5 January 1945, Mr. M. Fizelle, Property Manager, with the Commonwealth Disposals Commission in the Century Building at 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne wrote to the Director General of Post-War Reconstruction in Canberra advising that the army camp at Raglan in Queensland was surplus to Army's requirements. He advised that it was located 4 miles from Raglan Railway Station and comprised 44 buildings of various types together with services. He advised that the buildings were in an excellent state of preservation as the camp had not been occupied for any lengthy period. Mr Fizelle enquired whether the Post-War Reconstruction authority was interested in taking over the camp.

At 11am on 20 June 1945, R. Foulkes & Co. and Norman Richardson Auctioneers acting under instructions from the Commonwealth Disposals Commission sold by Public Auction 44 Army Buildings and miscellaneous items from Camp Raglan.

The kitchen and mess hut for the new Central Queensland National Fitness camp established at Lammermoor Beach, Yeppoon in late 1946 was a combined building from the army camp at Raglan.



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