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The US Navy had the following units at Camp Perry Park:-


1944 - D. Bert who stayed in Brisbane from June 1943 to January 1945.  He was then shipped to Biak off the New Guinea coast. 

April 1944 - Men leaving for work

May 1944 - Mess laundry, cook house, enlisted men's mess hall, officer's mess

May 1944 - Fran Marr reads home town paper in cooks quarters

March 2002

No. 3 Folkestone Street. The same house that can be seen
in the above B & W photo

March 2002

Looks like a new house on the right of the other house.

March 2002

No. 3 Folkestone Street, Bowen Hills at far left of the photo

March 2002

Other houses in Folkestone Street. You can see the tall spire in the background.

May 1944 - Officer's showers - mess laundry, book house, enlisted men's mess hall, officer's row.

March 2002

Almost similar scene to the above B & W photo. The tall white spire near the centre of this photo can just be seen behind a tree at the far left of the above
B & W photo

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March 2002

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A General view from Edmonstone Road side
looking towards Folkestone Street.

Det. Hd Qtrs, 3rd Medical Depot Co "Main Street"

May 1944 - Camp Perry Park, Mayne Junction, Brisbane,
Queensland, Australia, old grand stand ball park

May 1944 - Down "Main St" from grand stand Navy Warehouse
right hand up corner soap works in distance

December 1943 - Capt. Roy E. Brooks, our Det. C.O.
in front of his tent in officer's row

October 1944 - Me (D. Bert), "Dinky", Elmer Strange, Arnold Ringstad,
Moody (dog), Buckshot Rhodes last shots at Camp Perry Park

1944 , Old "Dave" David John Yesberg of Toowomba, Qld. The "Yank's cobber", a pal to all the 3rd MDC. He did our errands and saw to it we got service. Age 50 died 13 December 1944 at 5:30 p.m. in Brisbane. Buried as a pauper. John "Smitty" Smith saw to it he had a cross, which we made for his grave.


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I'd like to thank Jim Culberson for supplying me with the above black and white photographs of Camp Perry Park. Jim purchased an old photo album which has over 70 photos of Camp Perry Park plus some foldout tourist cards with shots of Brisbane, Clayfield, Redcliffe, Banyo, Nudgee and Sandgate.  


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