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The Queensland Lawn Tennis Association's club house and tennis courts at Milton Tennis Courts on Milton Road in Brisbane, Queensland were handed over to the Allied Intelligence Bureau in 1943.

Captain Bobb B. Glenn moved his AIB Supply Section (Quartermaster) there in the fall of 1943. Captain Glenn was the first of his unit to occupy the location and he setup his office in the front of the Club House facing Milton Road. Their first store room was in an old abandoned garage building across the other side of Milton Road. Later on several small buildings were erected on the club car parking area. Tents were erected to accommodate transient AIB personnel.

Before the AIB Camp near Tabragalba was opened, there were some Filipino service personnel staying at Camp Milton.

Bobb Glenn's unit would send supplies to Australian Coastwatchers, outfitt intelligence parties going back into the Philippines, ship supplies by submarine to the guerilla forces in the Philippines and provide sundry items to transient AIB personnel.

"M" and "Z" Australian Specials Unit personnel moved into Camp Milton some time after he arrived. They occupied the rear part of the Club House and some of the tented area.

Captain Bobb Glenn stayed at Camp Milton for several months after the end of WWII to close down Camp Milton. The QLTA held Davis Cup trials at Milton Tennis Courts whilst Bob Glenn still occupied the site in November 1945.

Captain Bobb B. Glenn told me that Training Officer Captain Davidson of the Australian Army occupied a small one roomed house on a knoll behind the Milton Tennis Courts Club House.

The May 1944 Military Telephone Directory for Brisbane showed Captain H. H. Ingersole and Lieutenant J. Spiro. Bobb Glenn told me that Captain Ingersole was an Australian officer and was not one of Bobb's men but he knew him and would see him occasionally but was not aware of his role in AIB. Lieutenant Spiro reported to Bobb Glenn as his Signal Officer. Bobb assigned him in charge of all their radio equipment. His duty station was in one of the temporary storage buildings next to the tents that were known as the AIB Staging Camp.


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

Camp Milton tents to house AIB transient personnel


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

Captain Bobb Glenn at his desk at Camp Milton in the Tennis Club House


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

View from the Club House towards the tent and storage area


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

Corporal Chris Bell, Bobb Glenn's Australian driver cleaning the Staff Car


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

Old garage across Milton Road that was the first AIB storage area at Camp Milton


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

Lieutenant Spiro, Bobb Glenn's Signal Officer in one of the temporary storage buildings


Photo:- Captain Bobb B. Glenn

The QLTA held Davis Cup Trials in November 1945
when Bobb Glenn was still located at Camp Milton



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