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Camp La Fayette Prison Stockade at Eagle Farm in 1943. Today's Kingsford Smith Drive,
goes from bottom right towards top left of the photograph. This was known as Eagle Farm Rd.
during WW2. The hangars at Eagle Farm airfield can be seen to the left of the photograph.


Close-up of Camp Lay Fayette


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Plan of the Eagle Farm area during WW2
showing the location of the Prison Stockade


On 25 October 1942, Company "C" of the 738 Military Police Battalion took over Camp Lafayette, the Stockade for Base Section 3 in Brisbane, where it stayed until rejoining Headquarters, the Medical Detachment and Company "B" at nearby Camp Whinstanes on 7 January 1943. Company "C" whilst at Camp Lafayette operated the stockade and provided prison guards for the stockade. When they relocated to Camp Whinstanes they joined Company "B" is its duties as wharf guards and on M.P. Patrol in South Brisbane and Ipswich. Battalion Guard Detachments were also sent to the 105th General Hospital at Gatton, Headquarters of the Sixth Army at Camp Columbia, and some units and some individuals served in Toowoomba, Coolangatta and Southport and on trains between Sydney and Brisbane and trains going north from Brisbane and at various railheads in Queensland.

Chuck Morton advised that records he had obtained showed that SSgt. Grover Glenn Shook of Company C of the 738th MP Battalion was based at the prison stockade at Camp Lafayette and had his barracks at nearby Camp Whinstanes in 1942 and 1943. Glenn, as he was known, arrived in Australia in July 1942 and stayed in Australia for a year before being sent to New Guinea.  He was later killed in action on 20 October 1944 at Red Beach during the invasion of Leyte, P.I.  His death and burial were front page news in the regional and local newspapers in his hometown. 


Grave of S/Sgt Glenn G. Shook



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