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Norman Love has had at least seven different people tell him that there was large US Army "Mess" set up in Bulimba Memorial Park in Oxford Street, Bulimba in early 1942. It was suggested that it was a Mess for Camp "B" at Thynne Road. Norman Love believes that it was established when the Americans first arrived to build the other camps in the area such as Camp "A" and Camp "B" for the Bulimba Barge Assembly Depot. Shirley Clarry told Norman that she went to school along Oxford Street one morning and on the way home from School, the park was full of American servicemen's tents.

Russell Miller told me that there was a large American tented camp in Bulimba Memorial Park. Russell advised that there were a lot of different units working from Bulimba Point at the beginning of the US Army Small Ships area down to the ferry going to Hamilton. Then the US Engineers started to establish the US Army Barge Assembly Depot. Prisoners from the US Stockade at Hamilton across the river would be brought over daily from Hamilton to break up and burn the packing crates off equipment that had arrived from the USA. Russell believes Bulimba Memorial Park was the camp for these different troops while the two camp areas at Thynne Road were being built which eventually took all these men along with the barge building engineers.

Russell Miller believes that the Units in Bulimba Memorial Park would have been:-

Signal Corps personnel for the transmitters
Small Ships Personnel
Army Engineers Boats/Barges
Army Engineers such as Fitters Electricians Boilermakers



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