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Early WW2  - US Army about to commence construction

bulimba02.jpg (89590 bytes) Corner of Henderson and Apollo Road
bulimba03.jpg (55801 bytes) Top of Apollo Road - Quarry used for road building
bulimba04.jpg (53006 bytes) WW2 construction commences - houses still to be removed
bulimba05.jpg (40853 bytes) Shed construction in progress. Note the igloo type buildings on the other side of the river at the right hand side of the photo.
bulimba06.jpg (46325 bytes) Shed construction in progress
bulimba07.jpg (85938 bytes) Shed construction in progress
bulimba08.jpg (57995 bytes) Construction of Shed 7 (Building C1)
bulimba09.jpg (60380 bytes) Chinese huts for labour gangs to construct buildings (huts at rear). Approximately 800 Chinese lived in barracks near Apollo Road at Bulimba and were involved in building landing barges for the Americans.
bulimba10.jpg (118219 bytes) Qld L. of C. Area Workshop, A.E.M.E., Hope Street personnel
bulimba11.jpg (98447 bytes) Qld L. of C. Area Workshop, Hope Street (1944)
bulimba12.jpg (124700 bytes) W/O Stapleton instructing (1944)


I have the following WW2 Military Locations identified in the Bulimba area. Perhaps the first four listed below are the same place. Can anyone help? And did the Australian Army Workshop move in when the Americans moved out?

Barge Assembly Depot USA Bulimba
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba - Apollo Barge Assembly Depot (USASOS)
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba U.S.N. Small Ships Apollo Road Subdivision
(Chinsese & other alien labour used to build small ships)

Bulimba Base Small Craft Workshop
Bulimba, Brisbane

Australian Army Workshop
Opollo Road, Bulimba near the Brisbane River

Bulimba US Navy Carpenter's Shop
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba Oil (Petrol) Installations
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba Point US Navy Storehouses (Warehouses)
(Where were they located?)

Bulimba Defence Works Acetate Factory
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba Lighthouse Minewatching Post
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba Seaplane Base
Bulimba, Brisbane

Bulimba No. 13 Transit Post Marine Section RAAF
Bulimba, Brisbane



I'd like to thank Bill Durrant for providing me with the above photographs.


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