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Sir Moses Montefiore Home at 120 High Street, Hunters Hill, Sydney, New South Wales was taken over in September 1939 by the Australian Army and became the Hunters Hill Signal Centre "Boronia". Cipher units operated at the Hunters Hill Signal Centre.

A blast proof communications bunker was built on site and still exists today. There is a file in the National Archives of Australia titled "BORONIA Schedule for construction of blast proof shelters and engineering services. 20 March 1943."

Ken Thomas who works at Sir Moses Montefiore home told me that there is a story that Morris West the Author was the Commanding Officer. The WW2 Nominal Roll indicates that Lt. Morris Langlo West was with 8 Cipher Sect. Sigs 2 Army when he was discharged on 13 January 1944.

Department of Army operated Morse Services from this Hunters Hill Signal Centre to the following locations:-

There was also a Telephone - Trunk Line Switching facility from this site to Victoria Barracks. There was also a teleprinter service from Hunters Hill to St Lucia in Brisbane.

12th Australian Lines of Communication Signals had a Transport Workshop at Boronia Park. This may have been at this site also. Can anyone confirm?

The site may have also been known as Boronia Barracks. It may have also been known as NSW L of C Main Signal Centre. Can anyone confirm?



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