Jean Earl ( from Bolton, Ontario, Canada is researching a John Walder and his family from East Hartings, Sussex.

John Walder (Jean's gg grandfather), born in about 1818, married Mary unknown. John left Sussex for the Isle of Wight.



I received the following info from Jean on 7 May 1997:-

Hi Peter,

Sorry, I haven't a clue about the name thing. Please let me know if this one turns out alright.

All I know about my Walders is -

On the 1851 Census for Ventnor,I.O.W. the name is spelt Walder, on later census the name becomes Wallder and on my Fathers birth certificate his mothers maiden name is spelt Wallder.

On the 1851 census John is said to have been born in Hartings, Sussex and on the 1881 census Elstead, Sussex.

On the 1851 census John is listed as a mason and on the 1881 as a builder. His wife Mary was born in Shalfleet,I.O.W. and their children were all born in Ventnor and bapt there, the youngest bapt. in the Bible Christian Chapel.

The children and baptism dates are as follows: -

Sarah Ann 1844,
William Henry 1851,
Ellen 1851,
Isabella 1851,
Frederick 1853,
Frank 1855 and
Har(r)iet 1860.

Also in 1851 there was another Walder in Ventnor - George, a mason married to Edith ?, I will see if I can find out his birthplace.Perhaps they are brothers?

There does not seem to be any Wal(l)ders left in the I.O.W., on a visit there in 1994 I only found one in the phone book and wrote to him. He didn't think there was any connection as he was from London.

John's daughter Ellen was my great grandmother and her daughter Annie, my grandmother, married George Childs. Annie's mother later married Andrew Jones.

My father Ronald was Annie's youngest child. It is said Annie had 15 strokes before she died at age 65.

My Childs line comes from Petersfield, Hampshire and there also was a Walder family living there in 1851 - Thomas born West Dean, Sussex, and a member of his family born in Hartings, Sussex.( Just in case you are looking for a Thomas Walder)

I have not done to much work on my Wal(l)der line as my mother who is 86 wanted me to try and find her lines, now don't laugh, the names are Jones and Smith from Ireland.

Well I hope this helps a little,

Thanks again, and I will be a regular visitor.


The following details are from the following Book:-


There are three Hartings at the foot of the Downs near the Hampshire border. East and West Hartings are smaller in scale than South, which has a large, cruciform church above its main village street. A group of low school buildings from 1866 remains in the centre of the village, with decorative bargeboard gables. The old village stocks stand just outside the churchyard.

Anthony Trollope lived at South Hartings near the end of his life and wrote four novels here. The naturalist Gilbert White was another resident. H.G. Wells spent some of his boyhood at nearby Uppark, where his mother was the housekeeper.

Church of St, Mary and St. Gabriel
The church is the only one in Sussex with a copper-clad spire, creating a vivid green landmark. The complex Elizabethan timbering of the chancel's interior roof is another striking feature: the roof was rebuilt after a fire in 1576. Unusually, the nave is higher than the chancel, and its walls may be pre-Conquest. The war memorial in the churchyard is by the Sussex-based stone carver, engraver and typographer Eric Gill.


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Subject:   John Wal(l)der
Date:           Mon, 27 Apr 1998 06:43:23 -0500
From:          Jean Earl <>

Hi Peter,

Just thought I would send along a wee bit more information that I have.

John Wal(l)der's father was a blacksmith by the name of James. John married Mary Wheeler June 21 1844 at St. Catharines church in Ventnor, I.O.W., witness to this event George and Edith Wal(l)der.

I like the look of your new pages.

Thanks again for all your efforts on all our behalfs.

Jean Earl
Bolton, Ontario, Canada


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Subject:    John Wallder
Date:             Sat, 25 Dec 1999 23:09:18 -0500
From:           Jean Earl <>

Hi Peter

Just thought I would update you on my findings for John Wallder. John was born 1818 in Elsted, Sussex, his father James a blacksmith and his mother was Ann (Caplin?).

John married Mary Wheeler of Shalfleet, IOW.

Happy Holidays

Jean Earl


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