As a young lad living with his parents at Yarrabah Mission during WW2, Bishop Arthur Malcom clearly remembers the boom of the big coastal guns at Leper Bay, at False Cape. They would practice fire their guns and the searchlights high on the hill behind the guns would light up the Mission as it swept around the bay and the mountains.

Soldiers from this camp would often walk along the beach near the Mission. One day during a sports activity, some soldiers walked along the beach towards them. One of the older children approached them and started to talk to them. He soon recognised that they were Japanese by their appearance and their poor English. They continued to walk along the beach to the jetty. The children sent someone to warn the white missionaries to hide while another rode his horse to the nearby Australian camp. The children assumed that they were taking photographs of the area in readiness for an invasion.

They did not see how the Japanese arrived on the beach or how they left. They did however hear later reports of a Japanese submarine being seen in the area and supposedly captured near Green Island. The Australian War Memorial records indicate that the Royal Australian Navy had investigated the sighting of a Japanese submarine off Green Island.

Were they really Japanese or were they Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB) operatives or maybe Netherlands East Forces Intelligence Service's officers from the the "House on the Hill" in Cairns on a training exercise?

Rob Hinxman, a school teacher at Yarrabah, remembers that there was a map of the area taken from the Japanese submarine captured off Cairns. The map was apparently held in either the John Oxley Mapping Section of the Queensland State Library or at the Queensland Maritime Museum. Does anyone know about this map?


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that was supposedly captured off Green Island?



Bradley, Vera, "I Didn't Know That - Cairns and Districts Tully to Cape York, 1939-1946, Service Personnel and Civilians", Boolarong Press, 1995


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