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Hangar No. 4 at Archerfield - 7 August 1999


Hangar No. 4 at Archerfield - 7 August 1999


Eastern end of Hangar No. 4 at Archerfield on 7 August 1999


Eastern end of Hangar No. 4 at Archerfield on 7 August 1999.
Hangar No. 21 is to the right of Hangar No. 4


This hangar was originally built by QANTAS at Eagle Farm airport in 1927 and used for their Brisbane Flying School. It was re-erected at Archerfield in May 1931 at a cost of 220.

QANTAS staff referred to Hangar No. 4 as their Hangar No. 2.   In the mid 1930's, Qantas's highly regarded engineer, Arthur Baird, supervised apprentice engineers in Hangar No. 4.

Six aircraft were destroyed in a fire in this hangar in June 1939. One of these aircraft was "My Little Ship II" owned by Mrs. Lores Bonney.

During World War 2, a saw-toothed roofed extension was added, increasing the size of the hangar from 585 square metres to 1,000 square metres.

This hangar is still used for aircraft maintenance by a company called Flight Maintenance. This hangar is also used by Pacific Air Freighters who own a DC-4.


Hangars No. 1, 4 & 5 at Archerfield in early 1931. The cemetery is
off the picture to the right. Boundary Road can be seen in the distance


Hangar Nos. 4 & 5 in approximately 1933. Kerry Road can be seen at the top of the picture and
the cemetery at the top right of the picture. An Avro of New England Airways is parked in front of the
hangars. The words "Brisbane Flying School" can be seen on the open doors of Hangar No. 4


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