Jan (John) Goulevitch back in the cockpit
of "G" for George on 1 April 1985


Jan Goulevitch flew "G" for George on a bombing mission over Munich on 6 September 1943. After releasing his bombload, he lost oil in one engine and it seized up. Because of the seized engine, John was late back from the mission. Usually, he bombed first, and was generally first back to the airfield. By this time, "G" for George had 54 missions up out of its eventual total of 90 trips. 54 missions was even a pretty good record and because of this, the ground crew became attached to "G" for George and always waited to see it return. When it did not show up with the rest of the aircraft after the mission, the Sergeant of the ground crew Harry Tickle, started to get a bit anxious. John eventually called in on the radio when he was about 50 miles out and apparently the Sergeant almost broke into tears of joy. John only flew one mission in "G" for George.

"G" for George has been progressively restored on the inside over recent years, and John was able to assist with the proper location of fittings, etc. in the aircraft. John's name is shown on an Honour Board of "G" for George pilots. This board is on display in front of the aircraft.

He is also mentioned in a small booklet produced by the Australian War Memorial. The booklet also has a photograph of him wearing his funeral director's hat in front of a Lancaster.

During his visit to the Australian War Memorial on 1 April 1985, Jan Goulevitch was taken inside "G" for George and had a number of Official photographs taken by the War Memorial's photographer. When he sat in the pilot's seat and then put his head out of the cockpit window, he was amazed at how high off the ground the aircraft had been.


Simon Dunn, grandson of Jan Goulevitch, at the Canberra Memorial on 22 September 1984, pointing at his grandfather's name on the Memorial Board in front of the famous Lancaster "G" for George.

Close-up of Memorial Board in front of "G" for George at the Canberra War Memorial.


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