ON 7 MAY 1999

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Entrance to Amberley Air Base
7 May 1999

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460 Squadron Plaque under the above Canberra bomber

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Dedication Ceremony at Amberley
7 May 1999

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Mick McGrory, Bro. Ranulf T/OSA (Bob Jackson), and Laurie Woods

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Bob Clarke

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Laurie Woods and the Padre

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Laurie Woods

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Bro. Ranulf T/OSA (Bob Jackson)

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Bob Clarke

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463 and 467 Squadron members near their memorial plaque

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Mick McGrory in the Officer's Mess, Amberley

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Bro. Ranulf T/OSA (Bob Jackson)

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Don Cummings in the Officer's Mess, Amberley
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460amb23.jpg (17648 bytes) Laurie Woods, in the Officer's Mess at Amberley
460amb25.jpg (17509 bytes) Joe Brown, in the Officer's Mess at Amberley
460amb26.jpg (15541 bytes) Bob Clarke in the Officer's Mess, at Amberley

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Photo of "Q" for Queenie in the Officer's Mess at Amberley

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This plaque commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the arrival of the first Lancaster bomber to come to Australia in World War II. It landed at RAAF Amberley, on 3 June 1943? after making the first east to west UK - Australia flight.

Lancaster ED-930 was flown from Prestwick, Scotland, via the Atlantic, North America and the Pacific by Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson, DFC, AFC, DFM and his all-Australian Pathfinder Force crew from 156 (PFF) Squadron, RAF Bomber Command.

The Lancaster crew and its VIP passengers, Lord Burghley British Ministry of Aircraft Production,  and Group Captain C.B. Wincott, RAF, were welcomed on arrival by the acting C.O. of No. 3 Aircraft Depot, Amberley, Squadron Leader Walter Nicholson RAAF.

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460amb32.jpg (10262 bytes) Don Cummings
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