Carr's Quarry
on Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge,
full of military equipment from WW2


quarry01.jpg (46145 bytes)

You can clearly see a second hole in this 1942 photo.  Mortimer Road runs right to left at the bottom of the picture and Beatty Road running top to bottom (or north south) to the left of the hole.

Archerfield aerodrome is to the left of the photo.


quarry02.jpg (65589 bytes)

A closeup view of the above photograph


quarry03.jpg (41787 bytes)

The hangars along Kerry Road are now built at the top of this 1945 photo.  You can only just make out the second hole now in the right hand fork of the taxiways.  This second hole now appears to be partially filled in or dried out.  You can also now see the concrete block building sitting at the edge of Carr's quarry.


NOTE:- The above photographs are scanned from Roger Mark's excellent book called "Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years On"


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