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Subject:    "G" for George
Date:             Tue, 12 Oct 1999 21:20:30 +0930
From:           Eunice Williams <eunice@camtech.net.au>

Hello Peter,

I am writing about "G" for George. Your page is just great. Really terrific photos.

My father, William Edwards, worked for AVRO's in Manchester and helped build "G" for George. He died 20 years ago in Rosebud, Victoria. I now live in Adelaide. My mother told me a story about AVRO's getting bombed.  It was a day when all the workers had time off, and my father had taken my brother and I to the pictures. I was about 4 years old. They didn't very often get time off, and just that very night AVRO's were bombed right down the middle of the factory. It took just 24 hours and the factory was back operating again. From what my mother tells me, the German plane had been droning around over our chimney tops, backward and forward for quite a while, and nobody gave the order to fire. Consequently they found their target and bombed AVRO's.

I don't know whether this is of interest to you. My mother is still alive if you would like me to ask her anything.

Kind regards

Eunice Williams


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Subject:  Re: "G" for George
Date:     Wed, 01 Dec 1999 00:55:51 +1030
From:  Eunice Williams <eunice@camtech.net.au>

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your email. My father's name was William Edwards. I have some details somewhere of what he worked on on "G" for George. Not much, but I will dig them out. He was a sheet metal worker, and I think he fitted the steel panels on the side and the nose of the aircraft, but I'm not sure. 

I'll ask my mother.

Did I promise to send you a photo of my Uncle, Sergeant Eric James, who was killed over Oostende in 1940? RAF Squadron 38. I know I said I would email a photo to someone, but can't remember whether it was you or not.

Kind regards

Eunice Williams in South Australia


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