Photo:- Monica Lynch

Monica Lynch outside in Exhibition Street, Melbourne. Monica worked at
the American Red Cross Service Club in Exhibition Street. You can see
the Australian Comforts Fund building across the road in the background.
Note the clock in the background and refer to the photo below.


The Australian Comforts Fund had a Service's Club located located in the Craig's Building in Melbourne. I am not sure if this is the building shown in the above photograph. Can anyone please confirm?


Photo:- Bruce Buchan

Is that the same clock which can be seen in the side street. That is the former
American Red Cross Service Club where the Subway shop is now located in Exhibition Street.


There was an Australian Comforts Fund Issuing Depot also located somewhere in Melbourne. Can anyone tell me where this was located?

The Australian Comforts Fund had a waste Products in Melbourne. Miss I. Felstead performed deliveries between various location in her utility. She collected large amounts of waster material which was transformed into cash to support the good work of the Australian Comforts Fund.

The Australian Comforts Fund established a club called the Red Shield Club. It was conducted by the Salvation Army under the direction of Brigadier Giles.



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