Carr's Quarry
on Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge,
full of military equipment from WW2


Subject:      Archerfield Quarry
Date:               Wed, 31 Mar 1999 20:14:51 +1000
From:             Chris Jamesson <>
(Caboolture Warplane Museum, Australia)

Hi there, Interesting site!! The Archerfield Quarry that is! :)

I was 2nd in charge of the Quarry and was working as a partner with Terry Kelly.

Just rang Terry as a matter of fact , and he doesn't remember a Tony Nye working in the Quarry!

Yes the stuff was confiscated, the only stuff that wasn't returned was Ammo and the guns!

The guns were later sold at a police Auction to Tony Cleaver at Margate.

Ammo included 20mm AP (Hispano) 1943 dated but stamped in pink on the cases with 1953 dates, 20 mm Oerliken ammo for Mosquito, 50 cal ball, 30-06 Garand Ammo, .303 Ammo absolutely hundreds of rounds of both 3006 made by the Denver arsenal 1943 dated were found.

I have a complete list of EVERYTHING that was removed by us from the Quarry and even know where a lot is today! The wing was sent south to help in restoration of a Wirraway obviously not to be used for flying but was used for parts. It wasn't stolen.

The turret was off the mid-upper station of a Lincoln Bomber not a B-17. Hate to say this but the 50 cals that I placed in the turret was just for show!! Brisbane Extra was doing a story on the quarry and it was just for show that we put the 50 cals in there! Hence the though that it was a B-17 turret! It has also been reported that the turret was from a B-26!! also wrong. The Lincoln turret had 2 Hispano cannons fitted to it! The HUD (Gunsight) was not from a P-40 but from a Beaufighter. I still have it in my possesion.

A lot of the Aircraft guns actually had the aircraft serial numbers on them! We also picked up .303 Vickers and one owen gun. I have the firing pin off the Jap 13.2 mm that we found! The 13.2 was a left hand gun!

Anyway, gotta go but if you have any questions about the Quarry please feel free to drop me a line! I have all the correspondance that relates to the quarry and a heap of photos that showed our progress. If you'd like I may also be able to provide photos of some of the items I still have from the Quarry.


P.S   The bunker was actually a communications bunker supposedly used for the Radar beacons that used to be up.


Inside the Bunker - probably the only photo in existance!




Subject:    Re: Archerfield Quarry
Date:             Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:43:18 +1000
From:           Chris Jamesson <>

G'day Peter,

The radio beacons .... one was situated almost opposite where Hawker Sky shop is, the other was located almost where the current one is! There was also a radar array which I've been told was situated near the quarry, but as yet cannot find it on any photos!!  I've seen a photo of it so I know it exists!!

Yeah i've checked out the Mpegs!! great work!! hehe for you info....the dummy grenade was actually a plastic toy one we found in the quarry! I filled it with mud and chucked a sparkplug in the head to make it look real!! we had A LOT of fun around the campfires at night. We used to pull the heads off the 30-06 ammo and the 50 cal ammo and pour the gunpowder onto our campfire to start it!!

We also found a regent pistol ( we were told that these were issued to Canadian pilots!!) and ammo for it! We also had heaps of flares for the very pistols! One of the Very pistols was given to Grahame Banks in the FAC at Archerfield I'm assuming its still there!

Not all the guns had been gas axed! in fact we got 3 tommy guns working, 1 Hispano and 2 .50 cals! Disposal policy was to destroy the guns by gas axing the barrels length ways and then cutting them off. Then welding the actions shut(kinda like todays regulations). The ones we got working only had the barrels gas axed length ways! We hooked a 20mm up to a car battery and the solenoid kicked in and started the firing process. It was really great! The wierd thing was even the bayonets from the Lee-Enfields and owen guns we found had been gas axed!!

I have a great photo of the bunker shortly after the yanks left it . The photo was taken circa 1945

The yanks also had a diving board set up on the top of the bunker!! I've scanned the photo in 1200 dpi I was using it to enlarge in good quality.Actually looking at the photos in the newspaper section is that Tony carrying the Hispano??? I remember that particular guy got really sick from ingesting some of the water in the Quarry and was on "deaths door" for a while!

The photo of the bomb disposal guy on your page was taken when they were inspecting a huge phosphorous bomb! I accidently kicked the top of the bomb off which contained a parachute and the damn thing started fizzing!!!! we ended up having to divert water from the pumps onto the Phosphorous bomb in order to stabilise it long enough for the Bomb disposal guys to remove it! The one of the bomb guys carrying a bomb turned out to be a dud!!

The photo of the mosquito canopy you have is actually the front bombardiers section from a lincoln bomber. This piece was actually thrown back into the water by the Dept of Environment and Heritage and is still there today!

The turret is with the RAAF museum and a few other items are held at the Caboolture Warplane museum. I've noticed at least 4 photos which have me in them!! Quite strange to be browsing and notice yourself on the internet especially since it was 7 years ago!!

My father was also involved in the quarry. He's the guy in the MPEG showing Terry.

If I find anything else on the Quarry site that needs fixing i'll drop a line! I put a page online in 1992 which was showing the progress of the Quarry. But unfortunately I ended up deleting it and putting my current web page on it!

Funny you should mention Mt Louisa I was chatting to Terry tonight and we were talking about that small matter!! You've done a really great job with the Townsville pages and I have to ask.....did you get the aircraft crash info from Bill Benson??? He's a gold mine of information !





Subject:     Archerfield Quarry pics
Date:              Thu, 01 Apr 1999 19:49:00 +1000
From:            Chris Jamesson <>

Hi there Peter,

Just scanned some photos for you to see. They are scanned in 72 dpi for internet use. The first one is just a photo of some Ammo we found. In the bucket is all 30.06 Garand Ammo. To the left is the 20 mm Hispano and to the right is .50 cal linked. These particular ones actually fell on my head and thats how they were found!!   I was working at extracting a Mosquito wing from under a whole heap of junk when I dislodged some of the metal stakes that were above me and these fell onto me. After my heart stopped racing I picked them up and took them up to the top!   :)

The second photo is of the perspex pieces. The Lincoln Mid Upper Turret Bristol Type 11, I think! (Have to check my records) and a Bombardiers Nose Cone of a Canberra. The most recent item we found from the RAAF was an ASI which had been overhauled in 1982 and some radar componetry.

The third photo is of the 13mm Jap gun! This particular piece was in perfect condition. It had been sectionalised for training purposes and even had a dummy round up the spout! The other guns in this photo are a .303 M2 vickers probably either Wirraway or Mosquito and 2 Tommy Guns please note the two different Pistol grips!!   These all had DRILL heat stamped onto the butts!

The last photo I have tonight is of a small cache of our guns. The 20mm Hispano in the middle actually had a Beau serial number A19-96.  I traced this number and found out that the Beau was written off after a Ground loop at Wards Strip in PNG and converted to components. There were quite a lot 20mm that had either the call letters on them or Aircraft Serials.

I'll send the pics seperately to ease download times!



Ammunition recovered from the quarry


The Lincoln Mid Upper Turret
& a Bombardiers Nose Cone
from a Canberra


13mm Japanese gun and a
.303 M2 Vickers probably
either Wirraway or Mosquito
and 2 Tommy Guns. Note the
two different pistol grips!!


The 20mm Hispano in the
middle actually had a Beau
serial number A19-96.



Subject:    Bunker photos!
Date:             Thu, 01 Apr 1999 19:58:37 +1000
From:           Chris Jamesson <>

Hi there forgot to tell you that I also have a photo of the inside of the communications bunker in the quarry!!  I happen to know its probably the ONLY photo ever taken of the Bunker inside!

When I find it again I'll scan it and send it on!





Subject:    Re: Archerfield Quarry
Date:             Thu, 01 Apr 1999 22:05:14 +1000
From:           Chris Jamesson <>

Hi there again Peter,

Its kinda complicated why the Federal Police through us out! It basically involves that we were finding LIVE ammunition, and because of the stuff in the "alleged" bunker system!!

Apart from the Football club getting shirty because they needed the Quarry to water there fields the other reason was because Dept Environment and Heritage changed the Laws to prevent ANYONE from digging on an ex-military site. The removal of anything from an ex-military site is now a criminal offence. This has stuffed us up quite a lot as we still do a lot of research into Military sites that people still don't know about! We were looking at recovering a P-39 a P-38 and a Zero 2 years ago for a museum in Australia but were warned by the Government that if we removed them from their present state we would be up on theft, vandalism and a couple other charges that I can't remember now. So its only photos and DO NOT TOUCH rules now!!

The quarry can never be touched anybody again! Kinda annoying. The Dept of Environment and Heritage has given me and only me permission to Drain the Quarry on one more occasion providing that I follow some simple rules. The BCC has no plans for the Quarry
they were going to fill it in after we left but the Geologist said that they'd still have a swamp. So hence its (kinda) fenced off permanently. I've visited the site on a few occasions since then and have scuba dived in it to try and retrieve a couple of things that I had freed but never removed. Its amazing how much debris is down there!!!! After 1 meter its less than 40cms visibility and there are eels approx 2ms long, tortoise hang around and a few catfish(decent size too!!!!).

The black smudge you have on the other photo is not actually another hole its actually a grass fire area! However there is another hole but its about 70ms from the current one and is now under some buildings. The other quarry had two c-46 fuselages in them!

Dumped one on top of the other they used to float and sink depending on the temperature!

Apparently kids used to use them as a floating island until one guy drowned when he was trapped inside or underneath one. After that the quarry was filled in and levelled off. Apparently the fuselages were still inside the quarry however I've seen photos (circa 1954) of two damaged c-46 fuselages outside a hanger at Archerfield which may or may not have been them!! Still trying to dig up information on it.



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