Carr's Quarry
on Mortimer Rd. Acacia Ridge,
full of military equipment from WW2


Inside the Bunker - probably the only photo in existance!



Ammunition recovered from the quarry


The Lincoln Mid Upper Turret
& a Bombardiers Nose Cone
from a Canberra


13mm Japanese gun and a
.303 M2 Vickers probably
either Wirraway or Mosquito
and 2 Tommy Guns. Note the
two different pistol grips!!


The 20mm Hispano in the
middle actually had a Beau
serial number A19-96.


Subject:     Archerfield Quarry pics
Date:              Thu, 01 Apr 1999 19:49:00 +1000
From:            Chris Jamesson <>

Hi there Peter,

Just scanned some photos for you to see. They are scanned in 72 dpi for internet use. The first one is just a photo of some Ammo we found. In the bucket is all 30.06 Garand Ammo. To the left is the 20 mm Hispano and to the right is .50 cal linked. These particular ones actually fell on my head and thats how they were found!!   I was working at extracting a Mosquito wing from under a whole heap of junk when I dislodged some of the metal stakes that were above me and these fell onto me. After my heart stopped racing I picked them up and took them up to the top!   :)

The second photo is of the perspex pieces. The Lincoln Mid Upper Turret Bristol Type 11, I think! (Have to check my records) and a Bombardiers Nose Cone of a Canberra. The most recent item we found from the RAAF was an ASI which had been overhauled in 1982 and some radar componetry.

The third photo is of the 13mm Jap gun! This particular piece was in perfect condition. It had been sectionalised for training purposes and even had a dummy round up the spout! The other guns in this photo are a .303 M2 vickers probably either Wirraway or Mosquito and 2 Tommy Guns please note the two different Pistol grips!!   These all had DRILL heat stamped onto the butts!

The last photo I have tonight is of a small cache of our guns. The 20mm Hispano in the middle actually had a Beau serial number A19-96.  I traced this number and found out that the Beau was written off after a Ground loop at Wards Strip in PNG and converted to components. There were quite a lot 20mm that had either the call letters on them or Aircraft Serials.

I'll send the pics seperately to ease download times!




I need your help


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