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I just visited the following address and found only one Caplice entry on the Wall of Honour:-

Michael J. and Mary A. Mahoney Caplice, Ireland on Panel 65.

Not sure what panel 65 means, and how names actually get on the wall. It didn't tell me what date they arrived. Didn't have much time to explore the hopme page much. There's that Mahoney name!!

Can anyone else please assist with more information on this family and when they arrived.



DATE:   7 Dec 1997
Eric Pseja (

Hi Peter!

I help to maintain the Wall of Honor online, and noticed you had some questions. I'll try my best to help you out:-

>>Not sure what panel 65 means?

-- Panel 65 is the exact location of that name on the actual Wall of Honor at Ellis Island in the USA.

>>and how names actually get on the wall?

-- The names that were placed on the wall when it was first created came from the original ship manifests of the first people to come to america through Ellis Island. Also, people can have their ancestor's names placed on the wall (if they are not there already) by making a donation to the Ellis Island foundation (for restoration of the island and expansion of the museum).

>>It didn't tell me what date they arrived

-- That information (I believe) is kept in the archives at Ellis Island.

You would have to go there to find that out.

>>Didn't have much time to explore the home page much

-- You may wat to check out the links pages also -- lots of Genealogy related sites out there! Good luck with your search!

Hope this helped out! And thanks for placing a link the the Wall of Honor, as well! Have a good day.

Eric Pseja
Senior CyberMapper
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From:            Maura Petzolt <>
Date:            Saturday, 10 January 1998
Subject:   Web site/Ellis Island

Hi Brian,

I did go to your cousins website and maybe I can shed some light on the Ellis Island question on it, feel free to forward this to him..

If you find a name onthe Wall of Honor it means that someone paid either $100 or $200 to put it there. No names were extracted, the wall is only from ancestors who have paid for a name to be on it. In your case it was $200 as 2 names were listed (John Smith Family is one name, John and Mary Smith is considered two - go figure) We have done this for my great grandmother Silhavy. It is only intended to be a honor , not a research tool, and we were not told that it would be on the net. However, we were told that if anyone found our name and wanted info about it, that they could get our name and address to contact us. Now I hear people are only being given the name of submitter not an address, however then you can look it up in an online US phone directory if they are listed. you can email Elllis Island with a request or write them a letter to ask for the submitter's name.

Some good news tho, the LDS church is currently working with Ellis Island transcribing ALL arrival records for Ellis Island and its
predecessor Castle Garden to create a searchable database, and hopefully the films would be available thru the LDS FHCs. Don't hold your breath tho, it will be years before its accessible. So for those unindexed years into NY you still have to search those films for a whole year.

Do you know how to do that? I am currently doing that for 1885 to find info on the people my Mary Ellen Gough came to in Brooklyn from Clonmel Tipperary, and its tedious, but no other way to do it. I have some info on how to do it if you want it (actually I sent it not long ago to the Gen Ire list if you were on it then.)

Feel free to contact me if I can help with this.





Subject:    Wall of Honor
Date:             Thu, 15 Jan 1998
From:           Eric Pseja <>

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to let you know that I found out the correct information regarding how the names that are on the Wall of Honor right now actually got there. All of the names are paid for (through donations), although many of the names are of people that actually did come through Ellis Island. Just thought you'd like to have the correct information! Have a great day!



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