Witnesses at his marriage on 5 February 1861 were Thomas Brien, and Catherine Brien.

The Registration District of Clogheen includes Ballyporeen. Another Thomas Caplice, aged zero, also died in 1874 in the Registration District of Clogheen.

It is possible that Thomas may have married twice, with Catherine O'Donnell being his second wife. He would have married Catherine O'Donnell, aged about 26/27 years when he was about 46/47 years.

Vince Shepherd told me that Thomas Caplice lived on Coolantallah Farm (57 acres) near Ballyporeen. He said that Thomas was the lessee of a tenant farm. He paid 30 Pounds, 5 Shillings per year rent for the farm. He paid 3 Pounds for the house on the farm.

In December 1995 Brian Hickey advised me in a note that he believed that the Caplice family were originally from Glenacunna and not Coolantallah. This is based on information from Michael Caplice, the manager of Powerscourt Gardens, Enniskerry, County Wicklow. He is the eldest brother of Dr. Noel Caplice.

It is believed that Thomas Caplice may have had a brother called Maurice Caplice who may have lived at a farm in the area called Torbeg. One of his descendants is a Dr. Noel Caplice who, in 1991 aged 34 years, was a Cardiologist at the Chermside Hospital in Brisbane. He is reported to have a Caplice family tree dating back to William the Conqueror. The Caplices came with the rest of the Normans and were also associated with Strongbow.

An English branch of the Caplice family supposedly travelled to England in 1066 with Prince Rollo's descendant, the Duke of Normandy. They first settled in Herefordshire. The Earl of Essex (a Capel) who lost his head after having Elizabeth I as a mistress. This may have been a good reason for the family to be banished to Ireland perhaps?

The name Caplice is an English name derived from the Old French (Norman) place name "chapel".

Thomas Caplice died at 40 years of age. His children were then raised by their grandfather Michael O'Donnell who eventually lived to be 110 years old.

Thomas Caplice died from Typhus at Glennacunna. A Mary O'Donnell was present at his death. Perhaps she was Catherine Caplice's (nee O'Donnell) sister. There is a Mary O'Donnell who married a John Caplice and travelled to Australia and settled in the Wynnum area. Could she have been Thomas's sister perhaps?

Thomas's wife Catherine immigrated to Australia with her daughter Mary, aged 16 years, and son James, aged 20 years, on the ship Oriana which left Plymouth on 6 July 1887 and arrived in Maryborough on 14 October 1887. They all left the ship on 15 October 1887 and travelled on to Howard to stay with her married daughter Catherine O'Doherty (nee Caplice).


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