David Cameron told me that he came across a NSW NPWS Heritage Report on the Glenrock Recreation Area, which is located a few miles south of Shepherd's Hill Battery. The report noted 'defence remains' at a site on Little Redhead Point. The report noted the remains of what is believed to be corrugated iron lined trenches, a machine gun nest and ammo storage dump (in a cave!).

There is a file in National Archives of Australia regarding the compulsory acquisition of land for defence purposes at Redhead, NSW. Another file covers acquisition of Lots 21, 22 and 23 at Redhead for defence purposes. Another file refers to the Redhead Observation Post. Another file refers to the hire of a shelter shed and cottage on Scrubby Road, Redhead by the Australian Military Forces on land owned by Estate and Coal Co. Ltd which was required as troop accommodation for the 8th Garrison Battalion. Another file refers to occupation by Australian Military Forces of land in Redhead, the property of Mr. K.B. Docker, required by VDC No. 8 Coast Reporting Control Post for a camp site.

Fort Redhead is the site of the southern of four Fortress Observation Posts (F.O.P.) for Newcastle.

Apparently there used to be some important coal mines nearby and at Glenrock Lagoon.  It may have been considered a possible amphibious landing zone for the Japanese.

Sgt. Ken Ward who was with the 33rd Fortress Engineers also mentioned Fort Redhead to me.

Graeme Steinbeck provided me with some War Diary or Intelligence Summaries reporting that Japanese reserve rations had been found on Redhead Beach and another report of the possible presence in the vicinity of Redhead of a small party of Japanese.

Perhaps the above reported sightings of suspected Japanese activity are linked with a possible German party landing at Yondaio about 10 miles to the south?



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