The Allied Siege of
Japan's Most Infamous Stronghold
March 1943 - August 1945
By Bruce Gamble

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As the final book in Bruce Gamble's esteemed trilogy on the War in the Pacific, "Target: Rabaul" picks up where "Fortress Rabaul, " the second installment, leaves off -- and sets the stage for the major Allied aerial engagements of 1943 -1954, which would result in the defeat of Japan.

March 1943, Washington, D.C.: Major General George Kenney, commander of the 5th Air Force, begins to formulate plans for Operation Cartwheel -- a mission to neutralize Rabaul, Japan's most notorious stronghold, with the use of unescorted daylight bombing raids the base and the heavily-defended satellite installations nearby. But the undertaking would prove to be anything but straightforward, and the story of Rabaul's destruction remains one of the most gripping of World War II's Pacific Theater.

In "Target: Rabaul," award-winning military historian Bruce Gamble expertly narrates the Allied air raids against Japan: the premature celebrations by George Kenney and Gen. Douglas MacArthur; the bequeathing of authority to Adm. "Bull" Halsey; the unprecedented number of near-constant air battles that immediately followed; the Japanese retreat to Truk Lagoon in 1944; and their ultimate surrender to Allied forces in August 1945.

This amazing story, one that profiles the bravery and resolve of the Allies in the horrific Pacific battleground, is the turbulent conclusion to an acclaimed trilogy from one of today's most talented nonfiction military authors.


Hard Cover, 390 pages, 12 page Index

16 pages of WWII photos


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