Sir, who won the war?
Gippsland 1939 - 1945
by Marcus Hill

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The war in the Pacific differed from all previous conflicts in which Australia had been involved. This time the battle raged right on our doorstep, not in faraway places like Gallipoli or the Western Front.

The early 1940s was a critical period in the history of our nation and almost the entire population was united in the struggle for victory!

This book not only tells who won the war - it also discusses some civil and military matters that emerged in the course of the conflict. And it points to another question posed at the end of a talk at Rosedale Primary School:- "Sir, did the Americans do much to help us?"

The students at Rosedale Primary School proved to be an insightful group! This book is my response to their questions. And, if it advances wider public knowledge of the conflict, it will have served a worthwhile purpose.

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