By Geoffrey Scott Mowat

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The Rainbow through the Rain is the touching, humorous story of Geoffrey Mowat’s involvement in the Malacca Volunteers, his escape and subsequent imprisonment as a POW in Malaysia and Thailand.

From his daring escape to the mainland, as Singapore surrendered to Japanese occupation, to his capture and survival in harsh conditions on the Railway, Geoffrey’s story details the amazing ways in which camps functioned efficiently under their British officers, and allied prisoners overcame hardships through a stubborn resistance in the face of brutality.

The rigours of life as a Japanese POW would stay with him for many years, the journey towards forgiveness being a key part of his story. His experiences would eventually lead him to take up a calling into ministry in the Anglican Church.

Geoffrey last saw his wife Louise Mowat in January 1942 in Singapore. Louise after working for some time in Java for General Brett, escaped to Australia with her friend Beryl Stevenson arriving in Broome in a flying boat. When they arrived in Melbourne, Louise and Beryl were met by General Brett and were both given work in General Douglas MacArthur's General HQ's. They were both enlisted in the American Women's Army Corps and Louise went on to be the confidential secretary to General Marshall, the Deputy Chief of Staff for General Douglas MacArthur.


Soft cover, 155 pages

6 and a bit pages of Index and Glossary

ISBN 0-9517695-9-6


"The Rainbow Through the Rain" Available from Alison Brierley, Geof’s daughter.

Please email, for a price including postage if you live outside of the United Kingdom.

Price for UK purchasers is £9.99 (inc. p+p)



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