By Nathaniel Gunn

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The story as "Pappy" told it
 to his son Nathaniel

Approx. 472 pages with over 200 scanned
documents and pictures


This is a book that anyone with even a
passing interest in World War II should read


New 2010 Edition


The human story of the
legendary "Pappy Gunn"

Hero of the Pacific Air War


Millions of men and women served during the war, but there was only one Pappy Gunn - and this is his story as told by his son, who shared in many of his triumphs and tragedies.  Yet, the spotlight is on "Pappy" deservedly so, as he was his family’s and also the free "world’s" hero during that time in history… Told in a manner to dispel the usual ‘lack of records’ and ‘not enough evidence to support’ often purported in many areas until now !!


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Paul Irvin "Pappy" Gunn
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