Sale in Gippsland 1939 - 1945
by Marcus Hill

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With RAAF bases at West Sale, East Sale and Bairnsdale, military aircraft were a constant distraction for young and old in Sale and surrounding areas. Many school children became expert “aircraft spotters”. But not only were planes flying low overhead, wrecked planes were constantly being towed through the town.

The effect of the war on the civilian population is a constant theme in the book. What do you do when food and clothing are strictly rationed? What of the social life in the town when hundreds of young airmen want to dance the night away on Saturdays? And what use is a car when there is no fuel available? Fuel was so scarce that Sale’s two bakers could only deliver bread to their zoned half of the town.

While A Town at War highlights the heroes who flew the aircraft overhead, Mark Hill points to heroes on the ground as well. In addition to the two Mayors of Sale during this period and the doctors and others who led the community, he places the editor of the Gippsland Times at the top of the list. “Stan Overend played a major part in lifting the spirits of the civilian population during those dark times. He kept readers informed despite the severe censorship constraints imposed by Canberra. To me he was a true patriot at a time when heroes and patriots were much in demand”.


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