Volume Three:-    1943 - Air transport approaches full strength
by Robert H. Kelly

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After more than 20 years of research and writing, author Bob Kelly is pleased to present this third of five volumes. The series is unique in that no comprehensive history of the air transport effort in the Pacific in WWII has ever been written before over 1500 planes and thousands of personnel were involved in transporting supplies and troops within the South West Pacific Area (SWPA).

This Volume covers the continual build-up of air transport with the arrival of the US 375th, 403rd and 433rd Troop Carrier Groups. He also reveals the extent of military chartered aircraft from the Australian and US civil airline companies.

This is an authoritative reference book and is an essential reference for any military historian. It also will serve as a source of valuable information for others such as students, aviation enthusiasts and genealogists.

Before this series of Volumes there was very little information on the troop carrier units and certainly not in this amount of detail and information. These books also serve to inform people that behind the fighter and bomber units there were brave men contributing to the front line of war.

The author compiled his books from numerous sources including original records of the RAAF and USAAF.


Comprises 454 pages, containing 16 maps and 204 photos.

The book is fully indexed.

The book is B5 size (176x250mm or 7x10 inches).

and has a quality hardcover.



Volume One:-    1943 - Developments of air transport 1903-1943
by Robert H. Kelly


Volume Two:-    1943 - Year of expansion and consolidation
by Robert H. Kelly


Volume Four:-     1944 - Supporting the Allied advances
by Robert H. Kelly



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