The 4th Australian Special Radio Detachment, or 4 Special Radio Detachment (4 Spec Radio Det), Australian Army, was formed in Newcastle in April 1943 and took over the radar equipment that had been removed from the former RAAF Radar at nearby Shepherd's Hill. The RAAF had operated the Radar at Shepherd's Hill until 19 April 1942. The Radar unit had relocated to Nobby's Head by December 1943 and they were re-designated as 4 Australian Radar Detachment or 4 Radar Detachment (4 Radar Det).

The AWAS who worked on the Radar on Nobby's Head used three newly erected cottages on top of Nobby's Head for their quarters. They shared these quarters with AWAS who manned the Australian Army searchlights on Nobby's Hill.

Orders were issued for the Radar unit to disband in December 1944 but it did not happen until March 1945.


VAOC Post Nobby's Head

Shepherd's Hill RAAF Radar

Searchlights at Nobby's Head

Twin 6 Pounder Emplacement Nobby's Head

RAN Station 301 Port War Signal Station Nobby's Head

Rail Section 3 Pounder Guns Nobby's Head Breakwater

RAN 302 Indicator Loop and Controlled Mining Station Newcastle



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