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Ernest H. Gregg of Z Special Unit


Ernest Gregg (NX7435, AK157) was a a "Z" Special Unit Commando during World War 2. He went on the "Adder" mission to Timor in August 1944. Capt. Grimson was the the party leader. On 20 June 1943, Grimson had been part of a "Z" Special Uint raid on Townsville Harbour which involved placing dummy limpet mines on ships in the harbour.

There were three Timorese who were part of the team for the "Adder" Mission. At a point somewhere near Fuiloro and the Japanese airfield at Lautem (one of the mission's objectives) they were attacked by the Japanese. Ernest Gregg was killed immediately and the Timorese disappeared. Grimson was wounded and got away. However, the next day he shot himself.

The Japanese were impressed by this 'bushido" like act and buried the Australians. The War Graves coordinates indicate that this was nearly 10 miles inland from their landing place. The account found in reference texts suggests that they were attacked at their entry point, but this is not true.

Unfortunately , for those wishing to read "Z" Special Unit personnel files, they do not exist. All that is left in Canberra is the index file page, with name rank and the two serial numbers (ordinary and AK). General Blamey had the rest destroyed after the war.



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