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62 Anti-aircraft Searchlight Company (62 AASL Coy) was formed in March 1941 under the command of Captain S.S. Woodham. They were posted to War Stations in the Sydney area on 26 May 1941.

The Headquarters for 62 AASL Coy was located at the Cross Street Drill Hall beside Rawson Oval at Mosman. "A" Section had their Headquarters at Rose Bay Gun Station and "B" Section's HQ was located at Georges Heights.

"A" Section had their searchlights at:-

"B" Section had their searchlights at:-

In late 1941, 62 AASL Coy started to produce their own newspaper called "On Target" which carried local news of happenings and incidents involving the Company. It was initially cyclostyled on small-sized paper. It was often filled with humorous stories which made it popular with the other Searchlight Companies. It was eventually printed in tabloid form on four pages by Hawkesbury Press at Windsor. It was sold for one Penny a copy. Sgt. Bob Turnbull (62 AASL Coy) and Corporal Nigel Lovell (AASL Trg Coy) were its Editors.

In early 1942, twelve Sappers from 62 AASL Coy were attached to Anti-aircraft Operations Room at 69 Milson Road, Cremorne to assist with training personnel in the new AASL Drills. They lived on site.

The Company Operations Room (COR) for 62 AASL Coy was established in early 1942 and all aircraft, were plotted 24 hours per day. 


"Expose - A History of Searchlights in WWII"
by Noel F. Hill


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