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The 4th Armoured Brigade comprised:-

1st Australian Armoured Regiment 
2/4th Australian Armoured Regiment
2/5th Australian Armoured Regiment
2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment
2/9th Australian Armoured Regiment

In April 1942 the 4th Armoured Brigade was part of the L.H.Q. Reserve as follows:-

                    L.H.Q. Reserve:-
                           2nd Brigade - Royal Park, VIC (en Route to Northern Territory)
                           4th Armoured Brigade - Toorbul Point, QLD

In April 1943 the 4th Armoured Brigade was part of the L.H.Q. Reserve as follows:-

L.H.Q. Reserve:-
      3rd Brigade - Adelaide
      4th Armoured Brigade - Singleton, NSW

The 4th Armoured Brigade held an exercise with their tanks in the Coomera area in south east Queensland in October 1944. Some of the tanks involved in the exercise included:-

General Grant M3 Medium Tank
Matilda Tank
General Stuart M3A1 Tank

Flame Throwers were in use on Matilda Tanks as they advanced on "enemy positions". 25 Pounder ammunition Limbers were towed by General Grant M3 Medium tanks during the exercise. Other General Grant M3 Medium tanks operated with infantry support. Lieutenant Ronald Noel Keam was the official photographer who took a number of photographs of this exercise. (Does anyone know him?)

The 106th Light Field Ambulance, AIF provided medical assistance to the 4th Armoured Brigade. Trooper R.E. Beckworth of the 2/9th Australian Armoured Regiment was injured during the exercise and was evacuated in a Jeep Ambulance by Private J.H. Kelly (SX30069), Lance Corporal G.D. Parks (SX23420), and Driver R. Wilkin (SX23433) of the 106th Light Field Ambulance, AIF

The 2/4th Armoured Regiment and their Grant M3 Medium Tanks was involved in combined operations training with US Troops on Bribie Island in 1942. They were simulating conditions similar to those at Buna. 

Local Eagleby resident, Cec Clark remembers that there were artillery units camped in tents in the bush all around Beenleigh. Cec's mother used to feed some of the soldiers. There were soldiers from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Cec Clark said that some of the artillery boys told him about a story while they were down at Coomera on manoeuvres. They left their 25lb guns in the bush one day and went to the local hotel and got very drunk. When they went back that night to find their guns they were unable to locate them. Too dark and too drunk!!

Cec's brother used to ride his bike to the train station and go into Brisbane to the technical college. Once the locally camped soldiers worked this out, Cec's brother became a postman for a lot of these soldiers.


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