Regimental Headquarters and the 2/27th Field Battery, of the 2/14th Field Regiment, were formed at Colac in Victoria on 17 October 1940 with Lieutenant Colonel H. B. Sewell as its Commanding Officer. The Regimental Headquarters and 2/27th Field Battery moved to Puckapunyal in Victoria in December 1940.

The only other battery of the 2/14 Field Regiment, the 2/28th Field Battery, was formed at Woodside Camp near Adelaide in South Australia. 2/28th Field Battery also moved to Puckapunyal in February 1941. They were using QF 18-pounder and 4.5" Howitzer artillery guns at that time.

Whilst at Puckapunyal, the 2/14th Field Regiment bivouaced overnight at Axedale in Victoria on Monday 19 May 1941 where they performed maneuvers in the district. At 11:30am the next day they arrived in Bendigo for a street parade, before moving on to Elmore. There were 600 men, with 100 vehicles and 24 field guns.

Lieutenant Colonel William Christie took over as Commanding Officer in June 1941.

The 2/14th Field Regiment arrived at Winnellie in the Northern Territory on 20 July 1941 replacing the 2/13 Army Field Regiment. They had travelled by train via Adelaide to Alice Springs. They moved to Nightcliff 5 miles north of Darwin in the Northern Territory on 20 November 1941 where they became part of the 23rd Infantry Brigade. They developed gun positions all around the Darwin area for single or small groups of guns in support of the 23rd Infantry Brigade whose companies were scattered around Darwin.

Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Hone took over as the Commanding Officer in March 1942. The 2/14th Field Regiment also transferred to the 3rd Infantry Brigade Group at the same time.

The Regiment took part in tactical training, calibration shoots, and regimental shoots. The 2/14th Field Regimentís Headquarters remained in the Darwin Fortress Area at Winnellie with Headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Brigade.

2/27th Field Battery (less a Troop) supported the 27th Infantry Battalion at McMillans. 2/28th Field Battery (less a Troop) moved to Bagot Road to support the 19th Infantry Battalion. The two spare Troops supported the 19th Machine Gun Battalion at the RAAF Base Darwin.

With the threat of an early invasion waning, the 3rd Infantry Brigade Group and the 2/14th Field Regiment relocated to the Central Brigade Area, located 51 miles south of Darwin in April 1942 where the new 2/64th Field Battery was formed.

Regimental Headquarters relocated to Larrakeyah in May 1942 to help strengthen Darwin Fortress. At the same time the 2/27th Field Battery moved to Myilly, 2/28th Field Battery moved to Bagot and the 2/64th Field Battery remained with the 3rd Infantry Brigade Group.

In June 1942, the 2/64th Field Battery moved to 39 Mile to join the 23rd Infantry Brigade Group, but rejoined the 2/14th Field Regiment in the Darwin Fortress Area in September 1942.

After 18 months in the Darwin area, the 2/14th Field Regiment left in January 1943 for Loftus, near the Audley National Park, south of Sydney in New South Wales arriving there in early February 1943 where they joined CRA 1 Infantry Division. They were attached to 9th Infantry Brigade Group. They exercised in the Illawarra and Southern Highlands areas as part of their role of defending the Wollongong area until May 1943.

The 2/14th Field Regiment, less 2/64th Field Battery relocated to Kalinga Staging Camp in Brisbane in October 1943 and prepared to embark for New Guinea.

An advanced party from Regimental HQ's and the whole of the 2/64th Field Battery moved to Lae in New Guinea in November 1943. The 2/27th and 2/28th Field Batteries boarded the USS Stephen Girard in Townsville in north Queensland in January 1944 headed for New Guinea where they met up with the 2/64th Field Battery at Finschhafen.



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The Age (Melbourne) Saturday 17 May 1941, Page 19


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