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Ekibin Hospital April 1944


The Australian Army 102 Australian General Hospital (102 AGH) occupied the Ekibin Hospital at Ekibin in Brisbane during WW2. It was capable of looking after 2,000 patients with a staff of about 600 personnel. The Ekibin Hospital was initially established by Office of the Base Engineer, Base Section 3, USASOS, SWPA.


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Larger photo of the area also
showing Greenslopes Hospital


Ray Roberts of the 112th Transport Company was involved in relocating the 102 AGH from Ekibin Hospital to the Holland Park Hospital after the Americans moved out of Holland Park.

Ekibin Hospital was bounded by Sexton St to the north, and Toohey Rd to the east. It straddled Cracknell Rd and covered parts of Effingham St., Fingal St., and Lutzow St. 

Kel Garland remembered the Ekibin Hospital as being a British Naval Hospital. Perhaps the British took over after the 102 AGH moved to Holland Park.

During his teenage years, Kel Garland knew a few of the nurses who returned to the United Kingdom a year or two after war ended. They found it very cold - fibro unlined shacks and our winter westerlies. - a little different to the UK centrally heated stone buildings! 

Kel could see the Ekibin Hospital from his parents home. Kel also watched the construction of the Greenslopes Military Hospital.


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