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Subject:    Attree and Walder families in Sussex
Date:             Sun, 22 Mar 1998
From:           Brian Attree <>

Hello Peter,

Just recently I was surfing the net looking for information about Newick, Sussex and I came accross your web site.

Just to introduce myself, my name is Brian James Attree (56) and have lived in Holland since 1975 and I am married to Chrystallo (Chris) Stavroula née Lefcaridis, we have a 22 year old daughter Tanya Brigette Attree. We live in a small town called Heemstede which adjoins the provincial capital Haarlem, which is about 7 km from the north sea coast town of Zandvoort (car racing fame) and about 22 km west of Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport. I am co-ordinating the One-Name study of the ATTREE family.

I have on record the following connections between our families:

1) Caleb Walder, born circa 1820 at Chiltington, Sussex son of a Farmer married in 1851 Sarah Attree born circa 1830 daughter of Thomas Attree (blacksmith of Newick) and Elizabeth Langridge.

2) George Walder, born circa 1824 at Bolney, Sussex son of Thomas Walder, Famer at Bolney, married in 1851 Jane Attree born circa 1826 daughter of Thomas Attree blacksmith of Bolney (different Thomas to 1) above).

3) James Walder married in 1822 Rebecca Attree born circa 1804 at Cuckfield, Sussex, daughter of James Attree and Mary Ridley

4) Jane Walder born circa 1830 at Chiltington, Sussex, died circa 1883, Battle, Sussex, daughter of James Walder, married on October 1, 1854 at Newick, Sussex, Thomas Attree born circa 1828, died 1878 at Battle son of the above Thomas and Elizabeth and brother of Sarah.

The familiy of 1) and 4) are desendants of Jesse Attree, blacksmith at Newick and are mentioned in a booklet entitled "Newick - The story of a Sussex village" published by the Newick Parish Council. Also there is a direct desendant of Jane Walder's brother-in-law Jesse Abraham Attree who emigrated to South Africa to the Orange River Colony in the 1840's, who now lives near Wellington, New Zealand being Michael Stanley Attree.

I have a common ancestor to the Attree's mentioned in 1) & 4) above, being Jesse Attree, Yeoman of Street, Sussex (1688-1768) my 6x grt grt grandfather.

There are a lot of Walder's listed in Newick see vol.21 of the East Sussex Census 1851 index and in Bolney see vol. 20 of the same index. These books complied by Mrs C.J. Barnes of Hastings are available from the Sussex Family History Group who are on the internet at

I have a feeling that there are common Walder's to those listed above and also wonder if there is not some marriages of cousins?.

Looking forward to your reaction to the above.

Best wishes and regards
Brian Attree
Heemstede, The Netherlands


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