Jan joined the Army initially during the Second World War, but then joined the RAAF. He was initially in the 31st Battalion. He started in Ayr in 'C' Company and then went to 'A' Company. He was guarding the Sunderland Flying Boats in Townsville Harbour. He was in the Army for one year and seven days.

They camped once at Miowera south of Bowen between Bowen and Proserpine. He was in the tent lines with the cannon group with their horses that used to pull the cannons. A few horses bolted one day and ended up running through the Mess. On another day a young fellow called Flynn was killed when some more horses bolted.

One day while on guard at the Townsville Wharves he tried to stop a car approaching the wharves but it drove around him so John fired a shot at the general direction of the car and hit it. It turned out to be Doctor Halberstater on his way to a ship where a murder or suicide had occurred on a ship. He got out of the car and abused John.

He got out of the army because all he did was "first aid, play music and do stretcher bearer duty".


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