Wallgrove airfield 1.5 miles north east at Doonside west of Sydney in New South Wales, was built as a satellite and emergency airfield (5000 ft x 50 ft) in July 1942. The airfield transferred out of RAAF hands in 1946. 


Plan of Wallgrove Airfield


Rod Mountford advised that approximately two thirds remains of the airfield. At least one revetment can be seen outlined in the trees and one taxiway survives but not for long as redevelopment will soon see it disappear. The dispersal bays were in a clump of trees with camouflage netting strung over the top. It had 8 revetments. The area was used as a telecommunications site until recently. Wallgrove Army Base was located nearby.


Photo: Rod Mountford via Justin Taylan

Remnants of a taxiway running southwards
at the western end of the airfield at Wallgrove


Photo Rod Mountford

The location of the original airfield running wetswards



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