Douglas Scott, of 79 Squadron RAAF related his connection with Mokmer Airfield to me in April 2001:-

"After VJ day I became OC of an airstrip taken over from the US on Biak, an island off the north west coast of Dutch New Guinea. This became one of a chain on the homeward route for aircraft carrying ex pow and internees to Australia, and also shorter range military planes. The next two staging posts before Australia proper were Merauke and Horn Island. Unfortunately between us was the long hop over the jungles and mountains of central New Guinea.

With the war ended, and demobilisation for most looming, it was hardly surprising that a forest of 'unserviceable' assorted single seaters accumulated around the strip. My final task before moving south was to destroy the lot. This was done with surprising difficulty with a mixture of avgas and oil."


About 10 aircraft burnt at Mokmer airfield on Biak


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