The Loganlea Airfield was located near today's Logan Motorway where it crosses Loganlea Road. Its initial construction and operation was under RAAF control. Extensions were later managed by the American forces.

Well hidden US arch-type fighter hideouts apparently existed at Loganlea airfield during WW2. (Can anyone confirm?) Loganlea airfield began life as a Relief Landing Ground (RLG) for Archerfield but later changed its role to become a satellite airfield. Loganlea airfield was B-1 type airfield which meant it had one runway greater than 800 yards long.

M.R. Hornibrook was contracted by the Americans to carry out camouflage work at Loganlea and Waterford airfields. American usage of Loganlea airfield ceased in mid 1943. The RAAF then reviewed its ongoing needs for the airfield. A Directorate of Air Service Planning report dated 18 June 1943 described Loganlea airfield as an airfield for Reconnaissance aircraft. It also noted that Loganlea airfield was still only partly constructed.



"Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years On"
By Roger R. Marks


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