The following photographs were taken by Tony Nye:-

archf11.jpg (28791 bytes) Col Paye's Mustang P51D
archf12.jpg (20966 bytes) Col Paye's Mustang P51D
archf13.jpg (26462 bytes) Col Paye's Spitfire Mk8 (?)
archf14.jpg (25637 bytes) Col Paye's Kittyhawk. This A/C crashed a year or so later, while being flown by Col's son. Does anyone know if it is being rebuilt? This particular A/C was the first Kityhawk in Canada, used for evaluation purposes. Bought by a farmer after WW2 for it's nuts & bolts, then used as fill in a dam wall.
archf15.jpg (28859 bytes) Spitfire Mk5 (?) replica
archf16.jpg (39612 bytes) Stearman
archf17.jpg (34021 bytes) The late Guido Zuccoli's Fiat
archf18.jpg (29162 bytes) Many people were amazed at the twin cockpit "Fiat"
archf19.jpg (33706 bytes) The mighty Trojan... mighty big, and a mighty sound.... the big radial at it's finest.
archf20.jpg (32275 bytes) Pitts Special?


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