ON 21/22 JANUARY 1944


Lancaster JB702 of 460 Squadron RAAF crashed during an operation to Magdeburg on the evening of 21/22 January 1944. The whole crew were killed in the crash as follows:-

Allan R.N.
Mc Cauley W A
Trout M R
Thomas E G
Chadwick W R
Reed C W
Liersch C C



Subject:     F.S C.C Liersch
Date:              Sat, 16 Dec 2000 13:02:50 +1100
From:            "Bryan Liersch" <mustang66@primus.com.au>


Congratulations on a great site. It is great to see somebody honour these men.

Just wanted to let you know in you honour roll, you list my great Uncle, Flight Sargeant Claude Charles Liersch (tail gunner, Lancaster). I noticed his name was mis-spelt so I though I would provide you with the correct spelling of his name.

Also, I am looking for ANY information on him. I have seen his letters he wrote home and my father research and got his medal a few years ago from the RAAF.

I got his wings and 5 medals:

* The 1939-1945 Star
* The Air Crew Of Europe Star
* The Defense Medal
* The Australian Service Medal
* The 1939-1945 Medal

All I really know is he was supposedly on a mission to Magdeburg and was hit by AA fire and the plane crashed killing all crew. His remains were recovered and buried in the Berlin Allied War Cemetery.

The uncanny thing is that prior to his final mission, he was hospitalized due to receiving burns when his heated flying suit shorted out. When he heard that his crew were flying again, he dis-charged himself from hospital.

I hope this info is of use to you. If you come across ANY at all, please contact me.

Keep up the good work.

Ross Liersch
Age 18


Can anyone help me with more information?


I need your help


 Peter Dunn 2015


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