Flight Lieutenant John "Jack" Albert Kirby (405246), DFM RAAF died on 30 March 1944 and is buried in Cambridge Commonwealth War Graves Cemetary. He flew 27 Operations on his 1st Tour with 460 Squadron with various Pilots namely Murray, Campling, Wales and Wendon finishing his tour in mid 1943.

He reappears again in March 1944 flying 1 Operation with Utz but he is not listed as being with them when this Crew were also killed on 30 March 1944.

Rear gunner Jack Kirby was awarded a DFM in June and went on to become a gunnery leader in 460 Squadron; then in March 1944, while instructing in gunnery in a Wellington, the bomber's dinghy came out in flight and wrapped around the tail, and Jack Kirby was killed in the ensuing crash.

Entry in Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour:-

Kirby, John Albert DFM
Number: 405246
Rank: Flight Lieutenant [Flt Lt]
Unit: 460 Sqn
Service: RAAF
Conflict: 1939-1945
Date of Death: 30/03/1944
Place of Death: United Kingdom
Cause of Death: Accidental
Memorial Panel: 107


CAMPLING'S CREW (1 Operation)

He did one operation with E.F. Campling (his 2nd Tour) and the following crew in 1943:-
Brodie I G
Dickson E
Simpson N H
Matchett W
Kirby J A
Rogers R G


MURRAY'S CREW (21 Operations)
He did 21 operations with J. N Murray as follows:-
M48 Murray J N - 1943                                      (See H29) 30 Ops
(P2)13/4/43 James K.
--------------                Musterings uncertain
(E) Hodgen O F    Hodgen O F    Hodgen O F    Hodgen O F    Hodgen O F
(B) Osborne T E   Mason N R     Mc Rae A W    Young         Kirby J A
(N) Taylor C L    Taylor C L    Taylor C L    Taylor C L    Taylor C L
(W) Dodds J A     Dodds J A     Dodds J A     Dodds J A     Dodds J A
(G) Bentham C     Bentham C     Bentham C     Bentham C     Bentham C
(G) Kirby J A     Kirby J A     Kirby J A     Kirby J A     Ward P W
           4            2             1             1            13


UTZ'S CREW (1 Operation)

He did one operations with E.A. Utz with crew as follows:-

Hewitt K W
Thompson J H
Chadwick R H
Hart W C
Howarth J
Kirby J A


WALES' CREW (2 Operations)

He did two Operations with A. W. Wales and crew as follows:-

Sutton E G
Lawton R W
Canvin R M
Moore J W
Edwards P E
Kirby J A


WENDON'S CREW (2 Operations)

He did 2 Operations with W.M. Wendon
Askam C
Mason N R
Mc Kenzie E S
Williams G A
Delohery A W
Kirby J A



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