Subject:    G for George
Date:             Mon, 19 Jun 2000 20:08:12 +1000
From:           Erica Long <longe@uq.net.au>

Hi Poot,

Just been to Canberra for an 'educators weekend'. They took us out on Friday night to the Treloar Center and guess what was there? George is in bits at the moment, being conserved, but will take pride of place at the new section of the museum.

One of the guys said there was an official history being published and released soon. I took photos and of course told the guy I knew a relative of Jan Goulevitch.

Got to put poppies on the WW1 memorial wall for three of my guys and found out another was made an honorary Major.

Great Weekend - and it wasn't that cold.

Your site is great. Need to track around it more. The above guy was principal of Townsville Central SS in WW2 and I have some of his letters saying how stressful it was to be there then.




Subject:    G for George
Date:             Sun, 25 Jun 2000 12:58:50 +1000
From:           Erica Long <longe@uq.net.au>

Hi Peter,

Here are the photos.

I didn't take one of the wings or the gunnery "pod" and the one I took of the fuselage was as close as we were allowed to go. I hope they are ok.

> I received my Review Copy of the new book on "G" for George last week.

Great. How does it look?

> Tell me more. I assume you have seen my "Townsville @ War" home page?

His name was Philip Henry Bonham. Now I really have to do some more work on him and his son who left teaching and went into law.

I have looked at your war pages. They are great. I have been quite interested in WW1 since I researched the memorial trees at Eumundi - two of my great uncles have on of those giants planted for them.

Looks like some more research is in order on Townsville in WW2 though.



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