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From a micro-film of the Squadron Operational Record Book, (RAF Forms 541), which was a chronological record, I have been able to compile in alphabetical order of the Pilot's names, lists which show the crew members who flew with them on each operation.

Pilots who flew as Second Pilots with other crews are shown as (P2)s, and are cross-referenced back to their own Crew Listings. However if, for any reason, they were never allocated Crews of their own, they are listed in alphabetical order as (PNC)s with the other Pilots.

Operations such as Manna and Exodus are listed as normal operations; also listed are those Crews who volunteered for Tiger Force, which was intended for action in the Pacific Area, but was disbanded after the Japanese Surrender, on 8th August,1945.

The number of operational flights shown on the top line of each Crew Listing are those flown by the Pilot, including Second Pilot flights with other Crews and shown as ("See..."). The number of operations by other Crew members are shown against each group. All operation totals shown are as accurately as I have been able to determine from the official records. I have access to a record that purports to show nickel and other raids carried out by pilots while at OTUs, but I have no similar information of other such raids by other air crew members.

Details such as spelling of names, initials, and musterings are the best I could interpret from what were often contradictory, or sometimes illegible entries. Indeed the mustering and service number of individual aircrew were not disclosed in the Operations Record Book until March 1944, except for crews of Missing Aircraft, and even then only in part during the Wellington era. It was also during this transient period that Observers and Wireless Air Gunners, became Bomb Aimers, Navigators and Gunners without leaving much documentation for later researhers.

However, despite its shortcomings, I hope this record will serve the purpose of jogging the memories of participants, as well as enlightening the curiosity of all other interested enquirers.

I wish to acknowledge the assistance and encouragement, both moral and financial, from the Association members, as well as other information obtained from the RAAF Historical Section and the War Museum, Canberra, the Air Museum, Point Cook, and from Peter Firkin's book "Stike And Return". I would specially like to thank Jack Tremewan for the use of his earlier research data which was most helpful.

Finally I thank my wife for her forebearance, and the late Robby Robson and his daughter Rosie for their help in getting the thing on the road.

John Watson



(P), (E), (B), (N), (W), (G) Means = Pilot, Engineer, Bomb Aimer, Navigator, Wireless Operator, and Upper or Rear Gunner.

KIA Means = Killed in Action on Operations, or Active Service.

P, EV or Int, Means = POW, Evaded Capture or Interned.

P/+ Means = Died while POW.

(P2), (N2), (W2) Means = 2nd Pilot, Navigator or Wireless Op.


(PNC) Means = Flew on Operations, but never with own crew.

(SDF) Means = Other Squadron Planes and Crews who flew with 460 Squadron to carry out special Target Marking duties for No 1 Group, Bomber Command.


460 Squadron (RAAF) - Pilots and Crews
by John Watson


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