The US Army 360th Quartermaster - Bakery Section started operations in Townsville supplying 5,000 loaves of bread a day to the US Army.

Townsville Military Telephone Directory - May 1944



Commanding Officer, QM Troops:
    Maj. P.K. Monaghan
    Lt. H.H. Weiss
3528th QM Truck Co.
301st QM Co. (Rhd.)
360th QM Co. (Composite)
QM Detachment, Base Section 2
Quartermaster Remount Depot

Chinese from the Native Labour Company also worked at the US Army Bakery in Townsville. The following extracts from "Base Two, The Bayonet of Australia, Volume One", Pages 41,42 mention their role in the US Army Bakery:-

Base Engineers (Operations)



The Chinese have been employed in various details since 1944 such as the Base Motor Pool, * * Bakery and Laundry, warehouses and airfield and many other minor jobs. During that time, the outstanding feature of the Chinese Labour Corps was the tremendous assistance rendered in the erection of the hangars at the airfield and the building of the warehouses and Cooling Plant, thus enabling these projects to be completed far ahead of the scheduled time. After the completion of the above three main constructions, part of the unit, about two hundred and forty Chinese, were transferred to the Bulimba shipyard at Brisbane in March 1944.


It might be interesting to describe some of the jobs in detail. For instance, * * Bakery of the U.S. Army was the largest in Townsville. Its output was roughly five thousand loaves of bread daily. The men who used to work there consisted of two shifts of ten men in each shift. In order to speed up the work in the Cooling Plant, three shifts were being worked by the Chinese, side by side with the Australian mechanics. Chinese needed in this job were mostly carpenters, plumbers and electricians with some helpers, who had several years of experience in their specified trades.


Pfc Raoul Joseph C. Fleurant, from Gardner, Massachusetts, USA was a member of the Bakery Section of the 360th Quartermaster Company in Townsville during WW2. His son Dennis Fleurant is trying to find out more about his dad's time in Townsville during WW2 and would love to hear from anyone who may have served in the 360th. His father served in the South West Pacific area from 31 January 1943 until 17 December 1945.

Dennis Fleurant has been searching since 1997 for some leads on the 360th and any clues to confirm his father served in Australia during WW2. On 23 October 2005, Dennis stumbled across my web pages and he sent me an e-mail some of which is reproduced below:-

After seven trips to Australia and at the age of 54, through the use of my dads Army Honorable Discharge Papers, the simple click of a mouse from my home PC in search of the " US Army 360th Quartermaster Bakery Company" led to your website. It may also have finally provided the answer to my burning desire to learn of my dads (Raoul Joseph C. Fleurant - Pfc from Gardner, Massachusetts) possible presence in Australia during WWII under the Supreme Commander Gen Douglas Macarthur. "My Journey in search of dads Southwest Pacific Theatre's trail" is the most wonderful gift my dad could had ever left me.

The immense pleasure, satisfaction and spiritual connection that I've been able experience in Australia and Fiji....and hopefully in the future in the Philippines, New Guinea, Bora Bora, New Caledonia and New Zealand is a life long quest of the deepest kind.

Since 1997 I've researched the archives and halls of the Glorious Australian War Memorial in Canberra, The Shrine of Remembrance and Barracks in Melbourne. I sat in Macarthur's chair in the War Cabinet Room and Viewed his maps and only recently, returned, August 31st, 2005 from Darwin after a week long tour of WWII and Aboriginal sites, museums and memorials. After all these wonderful trips and incredible journeys and explorations... and right up until this moment I've never been able to confirm my suspicions .... that is up until maybe, just maybe, today!

I'm not sure when or where but dad also shared with me the opportunity to drive Gen. Macarthur around and was named to his Honor guard...for a very brief period time.

You've made me a very happy man, my dad has to be looking down upon the both of us saying "Good on You!" My very personal thanks and gratitude to you for all the time, dedication and compassion in building and maintaining such an exhaustive collection of material and web links. You very well may have provided me with the "missing link" to my dads journey through Townsville, Australia, and giving me yet another good reason to return to your marvellous country. I'm so proud to consider you my Aussie friend, "cousin".

On behalf of my Dad and his service
to his country and yours (Ours) .
Cheers Mate,

Dennis Fleurant



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