The 35th Fighter Squadron had sailed to Australia with the rest of the 8th Fighter Group on an old cattle boat called "Maui", leaving in about late January 1942. They arrived in Brisbane on 6 March 1942.

The 8th Fighter Group were equipped with P-39's assembled at Amberley Airfield west of Brisbane Brisbane.  These P-39's assembled at Amberley Airfield were originally intended to go to the Philippines but the convoy was diverted to Brisbane. The 35th Fighter Group had earlier been equipped with P-39's assembled at Amberley Airfield.

They then moved to Woodstock outside of Townsville on 26 April 1942 on their way to Port Moresby, where they arrived on 30 April 1942. They later returned to Woodstock on 29 June 1942 for various rest and re-equipment tasks. They relocated to Garbutt airfield in Townsville on 27 July 1942 and then moved to Milne Bay in New Guinea on 18 September 1942.

They relocated to Mareeba airfield on 24 February 1943 and moved to Port Moresby in New Guinea on 10 May 1943.



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"Eagle Farm 1942 - Airacobra Assembly"
by Brian Creer
(note these Airacobra's were actually assembled at Amberley airfield)


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