18 NOVEMBER 1942


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An RAAF P-40E Kittyhawk of 75 Squadron, crashed into the sea off Cairns on 18 November 1942.  The pilot, Flying Officer Richard Holt was only slightly injured.  He was released from the RAAF section of the Cairns hospital two days later.



Subject:     RAAF P-40
Date:              Thu, 3 Aug 2000 20:18:12 +1200
From:            "Haig Torrens" <haigt@ihug.co.nz>

Dear Sir

I'am a keen young WW2 aviation nut from Auckland NZ, as well as a divemaster.

I was just surfing the web and looked up my all time favourite fighter the Kittyhawk and came across your site about the P40 that ditched into the sea off Cairns.

Do you have any other info on this particular crash?, was it recovered? how far off land was it?, do you know if it has been found since by other divers or fishermen?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I have the "remains" of 2 Mark2 Harvards, large parts from Avenger, 2 T-moth props and an assortment of smaller instruments and other bits'N' pieces.

I'm currently trying to track down a Corsair that went in off Rangatoto Is near Auckland. I talk with Graham Orphane alot and love CWD.

If you know of any aircraft ditchings into the sea anywhere else off aussy's east coast I would be very happy to hear from you.

Cheers for now and many thanks

PS great web page.



"Diary of WWII - North Queensland"
Complied by Peter Nielsen

"Aircraft of the RAAF 1921- 71"
By Geoffrey Pentland & Peter Malone


Can anyone help me with more information?


"Australia @ War" WWII Research Products

I need your help


 Peter Dunn OAM 2020


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