Including Searchlight Batteries

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(Forts and Coastal gun batteries)




Fixed Coast and Anti-Aircraft defences in Australia in September 1943 were organised as follows:-

New South Wales 2nd Australian Army
Northern Territory NT Force
Queensland 1st Australian Army
Victoria 2nd Australian Army
Western Australia 3rd Australian Corps




The Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Batteries in the Brisbane area were manned
by the following Batteries of the 2/2nd HAA Regiment:-

- 6th HAA Battery    
- 38th HAA Battery  
- 2/5th HAA Battery  

The Australian Light anti-aircraft Batteries in the Brisbane area were manned by:-

- 113th LAA Regiment
- 114th LAA Regiment


US Anti-aircraft Gun positions in the Brisbane area were manned by:-

94th Coastal Artillery (AA) Regiment,
40th Anti-aircraft Brigade


Abattoirs Bofors Anti-aircraft gun site, Colmslie, Brisbane
(now in suburb of Queensport)
Anti-aircraft Guns and Searchlight Units on Mount Coot-tha Archerfield Airfield Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(Australian Army)
Archerfield US Anti-aircraft Battery  Balmoral Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery ( 3.7mm)
(above Balmoral Bowls Club, Brisbane)
Brisbane River US Anti-aircraft batteries (a number of positions)
Bulimba Anti-aircraft gun site
(end of Quay Street, Bulimba)
Bulimba/Apollo Road Anti-aircraft gun site Cloudland Light Anti-aircraft Battery
(Bowen Hills, near Luna Park)
Colmslie Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun, later moved to Lytton
(Colmslie Beach area?, Brisbane)
Colmslie Mobile Anti-aircraft Gun Site
southern side of Lytton Road
Eagle Farm US Anti-aircraft battery
Hemmant Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(Fleming Road. Hemmant, Brisbane)
Hendra Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(West of Eagle Farm airfield)
Hendra Light Anti-aircraft Battery
Kangaroo Point Light Anti-aircraft Battery Lytton 6th H.A.A. Gun Station 385 Lytton
adjacent to Fort Lytton (formerly 385 Colmslie)
In service Aug 43, disbanded Jan 45
Morningside Anti-aircraft battery
Mount Gravatt U.S. Searchlight Battery
(On top of Mount Gravatt, Brisbane)
Murrarie Anti-aircraft Searchlights, US Army Myrtletown Light Anti-aircraft Battery
(On a farm at Myrtletown)
Newstead Point Light Anti-Aircraft Battery (Australian)
(Newstead Park, Breakfast Creek, Brisbane - Norman Banks of 2/6 Regiment was based there)
Petrie US Anti-aircraft battery Pinkenba Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(east of Eagle Farm airfield)
Victoria Park Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(Victoria Park Golf Course, Brisbane)
Whinstanes Light Anti-aircraft Battery  
79th Australian Anti-aircraft Search Light Battery (79 Aust AASL Bty)
(Pallarenda/Rowes Bay, Townsville)
136 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery Mount St. John 190 Australian Anti-aircraft Searchlight Troop, Pallarenda
191 Australian Anti-aircraft Searchlight Troop, Aitkenvale 208th Anti Aircraft Battalion Battery
(The Strand, Stanton Hill, South Townsville, mouth of Ross River and Cape Cleveland)
232 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Battery, "A" Troop, Mount St. John
232 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Battery, "B" Troop, Garbutt 393 Australian Heavy Anti-Aircraft
Gun Station Class A Mount St John
394 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Class A Pallarenda
395 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Class A Strand 396 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Aitkenvale (Now 7-9 Bartlett St, Mundingburra) 445 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station, Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island
476 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Troop, Ross River 556 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Battery "A" Troop, Garbutt Airfield
(556 Aust. Lt. A.A. Bty "A" Tp)
556 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Battery "A" Troop, Garbutt
(556 Aust. Lt. A.A. Bty "B" Tp)
607 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Troop (607 Lt AA Bty), Harbour Area Townsville Headquarters (LE) North Queensland Anti-aircraft Group
HQ (LE) North Qld A.A. Group, 7 Paxton St., Townsville
Headquarters 7 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
(H.Q. 7 Aust Hy A.A. Bty)
128 Sussex St
Headquarters 16 Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery, Jimmy's Lookout
(H.Q. 16 Aust. HAA Bty.
Headquarters 52 Australian Anti-aircraft Searchlight Battery (M)
(H.Q. 52 Aust. A.A.S.L. Bty)
Ross River/Aitkenvale
Headquarters 75 Australian Mobile Searchlight Battery
(H.Q. 75 Aust Mobile S/L Bty)
Headquarters 109 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (H.E.), Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
(H.Q. 109 Aust Hy. S.L. Tp.)
Headquarters 110 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (H.E.), Aitkenvale
H.Q. 110 Aust. Hy. S.:. Tp. (H.E.)
Headquarters 111 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (HE)
(H.Q. 111 Aust. Hy. S.L. Tp.)
Headquarters 112 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (HE), Cluden Racecourse
H.Q. 112 Aust. Hy. S.L. Tp. (H.E.)
Headquarters 124 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (HE), Pallarenda
H.Q. 124 Aust. Hy. S.L. Tp. (H.E.)
Headquarters 129 Australian Heavy Searchlight Troop (HE), Mundingburra
H.Q. 129 Aust. Hy. S.L. Tp. (H.E.)
Headquarters 556 Australian Light Anti-aircraft Battery, Mount St. John
(H.Q. 556 Aust Lt. A.A. Bty)
Jimmy's Lookout Anti-aircraft Gun & Search Light Battery
Mount St. John 16 Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
HQ 16 Aust AA Bty
Nelly Bay Anti-aircraft Battery
(Magnetic Island)
Pitt's Ridge Anti-aircraft Battery
(Between Oonoomba and Cluden in Townsville)
Ross Battery
7 Heavy Battery
(southern side of the mouth of Ross River)
Stanton Hill Anti-aircraft Battery
Our Ladys Mount School, Townsville
Townsville Anti-aircraft Operations Room
A.A. Ops Room
7 Paxton St, Townsville
Wills Street Anti-aircraft Gun
(Townsville - on a rock ledge opposite the intersection with Wills Street)
114 Light Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment, 165 Battery, 607 Troop
on Breakwater near Townsville Harbour
34th Australian Anti-aircraft Battery
at Kings Point, Horn Island
Amberley Airfield Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery (Australian Army) Lissner Park, Charters Towers American Anti-aircraft battery
Lowood US Anti-aircraft Battery US Anti-aircraft Battery & Radar Station
McLelland's Lookout
Paluma area



Anti-aircraft Operations Room, 69 Milson Road, Cremorne, Sydney

Balls Head Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)

Cammeray Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)

Clifton Gardens Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Cranbrook Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Domain Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Dover Heights Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Gore Hill Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Middle Head Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Moore Park Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Lithgow anti-aircraft gun emplacements and bunkers Rose Bay Anti-aircraft Battery
(Sydney Area)
Sydney University Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)
Vaucluse Searchlight Battery
(Sydney Area)



Peanut Farm Searchlight Battery

Quarantine Searchlight Battery Ironstone Searchlight Battery
Lee Point Searchlight Battery Nightcliffe Searchlight Battery Fanny's Bay Searchlight Battery
Dipstone Searchlight Battery Leanyer Searchlight Battery Bagot Searchlight Battery
Emery Point Searchlight Battery Dudley Point Searchlight Battery Searchlight HQ Camp at McMillan



Hummock Hill Battery




Anti-aircraft Operations Room
Preston Towns Hall, Melbourne




American anti-Aircraft gun emplacement at Wembley American anti-aircraft positions near Fremantle Submarine Base 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Kwinana
3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Buckland Hill, Fremantle 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Hope Valley 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Lake Coogee area
3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Garden Island North 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Garden Island South 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station South Beach Fremantle
22nd Australian Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery
3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station Skinner Street, Fremantle 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station North Fremantle Oval 3.7" Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Station East Fremantle Oval
116th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment
Had 36 mobile 40mm Bofors Guns at various sites deployed around Fremantle and Perth areas including fighter airfields, Applecross, Crawley and Rottnest Island.


Search Light Control (Radar) Equipment


40mm Bofors Light Anti-aircraft gun


There were obviously many more Anti-Aircraft Artillery
installation in Australia during WW2.

Can you please help me with more information?

I'd also like to know the names of the units that manned these guns


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