MacArthur Museum
WWII Self-guided Walking Tour
of Brisbane CBD

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General Douglas MacArthur, established his General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area GHQ, SWPA in the AMP building in Queen Street, Brisbane in July 1942 and stayed there for over two years.

The MacArthur Museum WWII Self-guided Walking Tour of Brisbane CBD will take just under an hour of walking between all of the locations. That is just the walking time only.

As you are in charge of this walking tour, you can decide how long to spend at each location. You can also choose to do a slight detour if you see something else that interests you. You can also choose to come back another day to finish off the walk if you wish.

To use this Self-guided WWII Walking Tour, you will need a smart device such as a smart phone (IOS or Android) or a computer tablet.

You will receive a ZIP file which contains 3 files:-

   1. PDF file titled "Read Me First.pdf"
   2. PDF file titled "Macca Map.pdf"
   3. Google Earth KMZ file titled "WWII MacArthur Museum Tour.kmz"

You will also need internet access via your data plan on your smart device or via your own portable wireless hotspot. The Brisbane City Council (BCC) has now deployed Free Wi-fi Access in the Central Business District. Visit this BCC web page for more information.

The tour starts at the entrance to MacArthur Chambers in Edward Street very near to the end of the Queen Street Mall.

The PDF File "Macca Map.pdf" contains embedded hypertext links.

Make sure you click on the words "START HERE" first on the map for your starting instructions.

You need to click on each of the place markers in the "Macca Map.pdf" file that you received in turn, as you make your way around the walking tour. Once you click on the place mark, it will take you to a web page describing a more detailed history of that location.

Alternatively you can open the KMZ file in the Google Earth Application on your Smart Device and click on each of the markers which will reveal brief details of each site with a link to a more detailed web page for each site.

A few of the sites you will see are:-

  • General MacArthur's GHQ, SWPA

  • American Post Exchange (PX)

  • American Red Cross Service Club

  • Rich Building GHQ Enlisted Men's Barracks

  • Brown Building Barracks

  • Site of the Battle of Brisbane

  • Fifth Air Force Laboratory

  • Australian Army Wet Canteen

  • etc, etc

Make sure you click on the words "START HERE"
first for your starting instructions


Available as a PDF Map (1.1Mb)
with embedded hypertext links

and a Google Earth KMZ file with
embedded hypertext links


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