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RAAF Beaufort A9-292


RAAF Beaufort Mark VIII, A9-292 of 1 OTU (No. 1 Operational Training Unit) made a forced landing at East Sale in Victoria on 14 February 1944. This aircraft was delivered to the RAAF in April 1943. It was later converted to become Beaufort Mark IX, A9-704, which was eventually "Struck Off Charge" in August 1949.



Subject:      Beaufort 292
Date:               Mon, 20 Nov 2000 15:43:26 +1100
From:             Brian Coleman <>

Greetings again Peter
Ref. Beaufort No. 292

I have been going through my diaries for the period I spent at No.1 OTU, Bairnsdale and East Sale, from Feb. 1943 to my posting to 18 (NEI) Squadron in June 1944.

I was attached to the 40 hourly inspection hanger at East Sale, after moving there from Bairnsdale on 22 March 1943

The first reference I have to 292 is Tue. 18 May 1943 when I watched the run-up. (Presumably after an inspection).

Sat. 22 May 1943 I did an inspection on the propeller motors.

Sun 23 May 1943 I tested fire extinguishers, boost coils, lights, fuses, batteries, etc.

292 does not appear in my diary again until 26 Nov 1943 when I did a service on the Aircraft, and again on Sunday 28 Nov 1943 when according to my diary, I put in Batteries, Tested Bomb Gear, Turret and other items , including connecting up the Petrol tank to the electrical system. This must have been after a major inspection.

Monday 24 January 1944 I have mention of trouble with the Boost motor. I was still working on it as follows,

_ Wed. 26 Jan 1944 trouble with U/C switches.

Sun. 30 Jan. Service check, but no indication what for.

There is no further mention of 292 during the remainder of my time at OTU. I do have in my possession (if I can only remember where I put it.) a complete list of Beaufort Aircraft built, and in service, in Australia, including delivery dates and their ultimate fate.

I will continue looking and hope that when I find it there may be a reference to 292.

Hope this is of interest to you


Brian Coleman



Subject:    Beaufort 292
Date:             Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:17:12 +1100
From:           Brian Coleman <>

G'day Peter,

Sorry that I can't add to the information which you already have on 292. I found the list of Beauforts but it only confirms what is on your site.

Does not mention a forced landing or any other trouble, and I never recorded the numbers of crashed aircraft, which I now regret, however, I was wondering whether the work I did on the aircraft over the period 26 Jan 1944 to Sun 30 1944 was a result from a forced landing, as I was apparantly working on the undercarriage if I was having trouble with the U/C switches.


Brian Coleman


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"The Royal Australian Air Force & Royal New Zealand Air Force in the Pacific"
By Rene J. Francillon, Ph.D

"Beaufort, Beaufighter and Mosquito in Australian Service"
By Stewart Wilson


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